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Wow! I think I finally have the answer to this maddening hearing problem!! Thanks!

I was diagnosed with TMJ many, many years ago. Had the appliance and gave up on that. Finally sent to a specialist and massage, which included cranio sacral work, was the answer. That and learning not to clench my mouth/teeth when stressed or talking.

I am also prone to ear infections, so that is what I thought I had. Three rounds of antibiotics and a cortisone shot and I still cant hear. The cortisone did help.

There is a clinic in my area that I have gone to where they do direct PT on the mouth and jaw. It has helped in the past and that is probably where I am headed again.

I am under a lot of stress now with a Breast cancer diagnosis and in treatment. I suppose that was what set it off again.

Does anyone have any more ideas to relieve the pain and fullness? Heat at night has helped me. I wrap a heating pad around my head. It looks ridiculous but helps. Also do self massage on the area and other things to ease neck strain, etc.
Hi everyone,
I've had the earfullness for almost a year now. The past 4 months I've been experiencing ear humming and hissing. Driving me crazy. I started to see a chiropractor 6 weeks ago. There has been improvement. He claims my neck is causing all my ear and jaw pain. All the noises in my ears have disappeared. The fullness is still there, but there is a slight improvement. Its not the only thing I think about now. I also have to use a gel on my jaw and neck every night. Maybe I've found some reprieve from all this madness...... There's still a long way to go but I'll take any improvement I can get.

Debillating pain could certainly cause all of these.

Today was my first trip back to the TMJ clinic in about 4 years. It is amazing how much better I feel already. First the PT did a variety of checks like how far could I open my mouth, checking the bite, etc. She then did a variety of external and internal trigger/pressure point relief and massage around the neck, base of skull and inside my mouth.

The relief was amazing and I could hear better almost immediately. She also hooked my jaw up to four electrodes and did heat and micro current stimulation. I could have slept on the table for hours, I felt so much better.

She has given me some things to do at home like neck stretches and cheek/chin massage. I will go twice a week for a couple of weeks.
Yes, I have ear fullness--actually hearing loss. I can't make out words if there is background noise. Also, my cat has become my "hearing ear cat" as I can't hear if someone is knocking at the door. THIS IS ONLY DUE TO TMJ as when I get my hearing checked-it is perfect, so they say. Yet, in practice, my jaw joints have screwed up my hearing. So, what to do? Nothing, as nothing helps. Even popping the joint back into place (as it is always not) only helps for the second it is back, as it goes right back out of place a couple of seconds later. I don't know what to do about it as the surgery that I need to correct it is EXCLUDED from my insurance coverage, and I do not have the money to pay for it. So, I suffer with hearing loss-just as I suffer with pain. Sorry, I don't have a better answer.
You Guys Rock:D - for over a year I have been having intenese Jaw pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Ear aches and fullness (people think i'm deaf half the time or just rude for not listening properly :( ) and extrem migraines (feel like a stress doll with my eyes and ears popping out:eek:) and the occasional fever due to the migrane. And Dint know what it was and thought I was going Crazy!!!:dizzy: Oh yeah and it also makes me be in the worst moods - suppose pain would do that to most people.
I Do clench my jaw - It started when I moved state I got a job with a really bad boss and stressed out heaps to the point where I ground my teeth that hard I chipped one of them - I have scince moved jobs and miles away from there but the clentching and everything else is still there. I happens all the time to the point where people think I am a Hypercondriac now and dont believe me. Even my Husband is becoming sceptical (think he is sick of giving neck massages).
I massage my jaw all the time and it hurts. I constantly try to pop my ears and it never works. Panadol (asprin (we call it panadol in OZ)) works for like a half hour but I have to take more than is recomended.
Does anyone know where to go in Cairns Australia to get this fixed - the doctors up here just tell me I have a cold and say have panadol and rest HA as if I didnt think to try that first IDIOTS!
Anyway please let me know if anyone knows of a cure! (I have private health so dont be shy even if it costs $$$ I dont care anymore I need my sanity back!)
Min831 x

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