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Hello - Just a quick update on my consult with the TMJD specialist on 5th Avenue in NYC. I will first mention he did not want to know what others opinions were before making his own diagnosis based on exam and looking at all my xrays, MRI's.

We spoke of my history, my cracked tooth, my shift in bite etc. Here is what he said:

MOST people he sees he does not recommend extraction. Either they already had a tooth pulled OR he does not believe it is the source of pain, however I am the exception. He believes the nerve is reacting and also causing muscle pain in my jaw. As most of you will recall this is a tooth that had a hairline fracture and was root canaled a year and a half ago and continues to cause me pain when pushed on the sides. It has a permanent crown on it and the crown has been filed, removed, etc - nothing helps.

I do NOT have TMJD in the form of joint damage - hurray! Contrary to the man I have been seeing for the past FOUR months who has made me two splints and charged me $3000 and said I had severe joint damage that could never be repaired!! That doc also maintained he was not in my plan however kept submitting my claims improperly to my insurance carrier so they were being denied. When I insisted they be resubmitted my insurance carrier approved them AND said he is in my plan and said he is bound by a certain negotiated rate! They paid HIM a portion and said I am only responsible for $120 - not $1200!!!!!!!!! AND I am due back a lot of money from him. I wrote him a letter and faxed it to him and as soon as he received it he called my insurance carrier and asked to be switched from a participating provider to a NON-participating provider and still maintains he was NEVER signed up in their plan! So now he has my $1200 (plus $1600 from other charges) PLUS the money they sent to him because he indicated they should pay HIM! I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but it does not look good!

Combine that with my seeing a VERY well known TMJD specialist in Manhattan this past Friday who looked at my MRI's and said they are perfect. As for symptoms, he believes they are all muscular - due to the tooth and due to a very bad bite - caused by SPLINTS! Could have been the original bruxing splint I was given a year ago that did not cover my wisdom teeth. He said just a small change in the teeth can send everything into a shift.

The tooth itself is highly suspect as being responsible for a lot of my discomfort. So he recommends extraction - then we just leave it be for a while. NO implant at this time. We try to get the nerve pain to calm down - but there is a chance it will not and a very small chance it gets worse but at this point I will take the chance!

As for my bite - that is a separate issue, need an orthodontist for that. Most likely my jaw spasms and muscle discomfort stem from a poor bite and my having no comfy resting position. So the TMJD such that it is - is muscular not joint related, I felt better off knowing that.

So contrary to what my former TMJD dentist maintained - which was months and months and months of splint therapy to HEAL my jaw joints and then braces, that waiting period is not necessary - because my jaw joints are fine. Might have a slight degree of inflammation and that is it. He recommends stretching exercises combined with massage 5x a day, soft diet, and continued use of my Klonopin but maybe a tad more at night - all things I do.

So that is my story! To be continued!

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