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I am at 4 1/2 month suffering now and also no end in sight. Mine started with a simple stuffy ear. No other symptoms for 2 months so my Dr threated me for allergies which seems to be common with this problem. Finally sent me to an ENT who also treated me for allergies. On to the audiaologist who determined my hearing was fine. I asked if they thought it was TMJ and all said NO. Other symptoms have developed over the last 2 months. Headaches in front and back, shoulder and neck pain. Pain behind my eyes, jaw and teeth pain. Jaw clicking and popping. Head pressure that makes me feel like my head will explode. I thought I was having a stroke. I can deal with most problems but the head pressure and the plugged ears has put me in a depressed state. I can hear fine but when I eat or talk it is muffled and amplified. I feel a vibration when I talk that brings on the headache. When my teeth hit it is like having a microphone to my teeth.

I am getting ready to go on a dream vacation that has been planned for a year. I am dreading it as this problem is on my mind every waking hr. I do not feel family understands the depths of my misery. Unless you have walked in our shoes you have no idea. I did go see a TMJ specialist who said that I have artheritis in my jaw and TMJ. He wants to fit me with a splint and will put me on meds and possibly Physical therapy but the cost is $3,000. He does not accept insurance but my Medical insurance will pay 50% after deductable as long as the problem is Medical and not Dental. He said if I do not have relief within 8 weeks I probably will not. That is reasurring!

My audiologist has referred me to an oral surgeon who will be covered 100% under my medical insurance...yippee! Unfortunately I do not see him till Oct 29. 3 days before my vacation. I hope my symptoms help answer other peoples questions. I would like to know if anyone else has had this hearing problem, for how long and did it ever go away?
Do you guys ever feel like there is something in your ear? Or that its "stopped up" ... my ear is driving me crazy right now (my ears have been ringing for 3 months) as it feels like its clogged up or something is in there. My ear seems to pop a bit if I close my mouth tightly and I've tried popping it manually as well as cleaning it out with a q tip. It feels really wierd.

I too suffer from the excessive sleep. I'm tired all the time... I go to sleep and when I wake up I'm just as tired as I was before. I take naps constantly too. Jaw pops and cracks when I open it wide. Headaches...the brain fog you spoke of. :(

How does one find a TMJ specialist? My health care website does not have a look up for one.

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