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Hihi all... This is gonna be a fairly long post, I apologize and thank you for reading it!

I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with me for some time now... I thought I had an answer 3 weeks ago when I saw the ENT doctor. He assumed I had a very bad sinus infection that had matriculated into my ears and my lymphnodes causing bad headaches, ear pain, ear ringing, swollen and painful lymphnodes, neck pain etc... he put me on Augmentin for 10 days. After the 10 days were up, my sinuses were better and the pain in my lymphnodes was gone. I had fluid behind my ear when I saw the Dr. 3 weeks ago but I'm not sure if that's gone or not.

Basically, my other symptoms are still there.

I get headaches...all the time. Sometimes I wake up with headaches... I also get like quick headaches...where there is a sharp pain above my eyes and then it disapates in a few minutes.

My left ear has been ringing non stop for 3 weeks. It is driving me absolutely insane... my right ear will sometimes ring as well but it comes and goes. The "loudness" of the ringing also fluctuates...

I also looked at the TMJ symptom list and found some things on there that I never really considered as part of my problem...

Watery eyes, light sensitivity, scalp painful to the touch (I have noticed spots on my head that hurt when I press them), ears itch a lot, I've had problems with my throat that I attributed to allergies but I often get little sore throats that go away in a few hours or a day, neck problems... stiffness, soreness...

I haven't noticed anything with my jaw that jumps and screams OMG you have TMJ... but I do hear (in my head) popping/creaking noise in my jaw when I open it all the way, its kinda stiff when opening completely and when I eat... if I chew too long my jaw gets "tired" or weak from chewing too much.

Does this sound like investigating TMJ is a good idea? I've been going to so many doctors and specialists lately that I really want to make sure I have good reason before going to another one. I'm getting really fet up with Dr.'s and feeling like I have to diagnose myself before I go see one.

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