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:confused: hello, I'm 20 yrs old and have had TMj since november 2005, although it took doctors 2 yrs to diagnose me with tmj, i knew i had it they just wouldn't confirm it they had to rule out everything else, and still wouldn't until my jaw completely dislocated. I get terrible migraines, neck pain, jaw pain, ear pain, back pain, head pain, sometimes when it flares i cannot hear out of my ear on my right side which is the side my TMJ is on, one day i actually went blind, for 24 hours.... it was really terrible up to about 4 months ago , so for about 4 months or so i only got I'd say 3-4 migraines, i was doing really well.... though that whole 4 months i was not working, i went back to work about a month ago...and recently the last uhm about 2 weeks it has been complete hell for me, i have had a migraine everyday, if i get rid of it it comes back later on in the day, so sometimes i get two a day.... they just drain me, given i just started this new job about a month ago, although the i notified them of my TMJ at the interview, i think they are getting a little peeved because i have called in once and have been sent home 3 times now for getting a migraine and blacking out or being at the toilet throwing up the whole today i went to the doctor, a doc i have never seen before, told her i had tmj and needed something figured out, i havent been on any medications because they werent helping, and i cannot get doctors to listen to me, so i sort of gave up on them and their prescriptions, this doc wasn''t much different. she said she would put me on naproxyn and flexeril, i told her i had already been on those multiple times, yet she still wrote me the scrip.... she also gave ma new migraine medication called Zomig... i had to take one later after i left the docs and i t knocked me out and amde me sick to my stomach...she also referred me to a oral surgeon here in town, i told her i have gone to some sort of surgeon before... tho i think he was a nuerological surgeon.... and have been to a maxillofacial doctor... they didnt do anything but put me in severe pain, she said there wasnt much she could do i have one of the worst cases she has seen, so i needed to see him..i dont have surgery so it is im s ure going to cost a pretty penny and i want to make it worth my time,and money i guess... the oral surgeons office wouldnt accept my doctors referral, they said i needed to have it from a dentist, so i have to go pay for a dentist visit for a referral to this oral surgeon.... i was wondering, what do they usually suggest... and what are some things i should make sure to tell him, or ask him, also what are your opinions on surgery, or them breaking and re-aligning your jaw???? has anything been done to help any of you, any advice would be awesome.... i want this doctor to listen to me and hear what is wrong with me, not what his books say is or will be wrong with me... any advice on getting this across to him.... any important things i should tell him or ASK him....... i'm desperate to get something figured out. as i'm sure all of you are too.... i'm only 20 yrs old and i cant stand this anymore... please please help!!

I have been a member of this board for a while, i just havent been around for a while because i couldnt remeber the website and then ii found it and had to remember my log in and so now im back!!
All of you are in my prayers
Thank you so much


m just pasting this from something i posted on another thing so it might sound a little weird but its all from me and it just explains what is going on and the questions i have

I was just curious, I have a bad case of TMJ, with the tmj it causes teeth clenching and grinding, i have had tmj for almost 2yrs now... suffer from many migraines, as a result of me clenching so bad for this long, ( i have clenched so hard i have busted a filling off my tooth ) but i have completely worn down my teeth, they are slowly deteriorating because they are damaged so badly from this, so i HAVE to have reconstructive dental surgery....i was wondering about how much does this cost to have all of your teeth done, also i am only 20 yrs old i live in iowa, but is there any sort of financial help for this given that it is a medical necessity??? any info on this would be great... thank you

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