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Hi everyone with TMJ. Jst reading what you guys have posted has made me feel like im not going crazy. I am 28 years old now and at the age of 12 i was taken to a doctor & dentist by my mother. I was told that i grind my teath at night and was given a mouth plate to stop the grinding away of my teeth. I wore it for years until i got braces and it no longer fit. During the rest of my teen yrs i was fine but at around 22 was going through a very stressful time in my life & is started to develop visual problems like jumpy vision, foggy brightness and sensitivity to light. Couple yrs later i started having bouts of unstableness (kind of like being on a pontoon, like a swaying back and forth motion-anyone get what im saying??) it came in bouts then went away and the vision problems got periodically better then worse. At about the age of 26 it was really affecting my life and my work and it had brought upon panic attacks and anxiety due to the unpredictable nature of the "rockiness and disorintated" feeling it would bring randomly. I then went to see a number of doctors including an ENT and OTOLARYNGOLOGIST and a NEUROLOGIST who did the horrendous MRI scan that had me in that machine for almost an hour whilst i was feling like the ground was moving underneath me. CAT scans and a very unpleasant test for meneires disease. It turned up that nothing appeared wrong with my ears. HOW FRUSTRATING!!!!!!! I would have been grateful for it to be anything at that point cause i felt like i was going nuts and that everyone thought i was a hypocondiac (if thats how u spell it!) I was basically told that nothing was wrong and to stop thinking about it. This just made me feel more anxious and depressed cause i knew i was really experiencing these things. It was and still is with me to some degree every day. I still get the random ringing in my ears, the sounds of noise coming on louder in one ear than the other, the rocking/pulling feeling, the visual disturbances, the foggy detatched from my environment feeling, the pain and severe jet lag when i fly, the pressure when in tunnels/ underwater and the constant fear that it will return bigger and badder to ruin my life even more. During the visit to one ENT he mentioned that he thought i may have TMJ as i had a history of grinding my teeth, but i didnt think that it could really cause the symptoms that i had, i was sure it must be something worse cause i felt so ill. After reading your posts i now feel it may actually be that!! If anyone else out there has any similar symptoms especially the blurred jumpy vision (which is prpbably my most ongoing problem aside from the imbalance problems) can u pls let me know as just knowing other people experince it and im not mad makes me feel a whole lot better!! Also i get a weird tingling type numbness on my foreheard area too (manybe its just me!!??!) anyone had that? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Also i know there are great doctors in the US and Cananda for TMJ but if anyone knows any doctors/dentists etc in Sydney Australia or Associated with your doctors could u PLEASE let me know?? Thanks guys. Now i know im not the only one. Its a lonely feeling ha? ;-)

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