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Years ago, during a routine exam, I was told by a neurologist that I have TMJ...I think only because I have popping and clicking when I open my mouth all the way. I have never had any problems and have never needed treatment. However, I woke up yesterday morning and the right side of my jaw, up near my temple, was killing me -- very sore, can't open my mouth all the way, feels swollen, etc...I took some Naprosyn, but that hasn't done much. I called the dentist this morning, as I have had some extensive dental work done over the past two and a half months (including a root canal and a crown on the top last molar). He said it sounded like a TMJ attack and that he would see me on Monday, but to call him again if it gets worse. I'm a little freaked out. Is it possible to wake up one day and have this and only on one side??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and be well,
Yes, it is possible to have an attack on one side. I have both sides that have disk displacement, and my left side is the only side that is painful. I would get it taken care of as soon as possible. I have had flair ups for seven years and then in September in 2007 is stayed. It has brought on a whole slew of other health problem with my body. Now I have myofascial pain syndrome, and I am being tested for thyroid, and arthritis, as I have body pain from head to toe.

I put getting it taken care of when I had flareups,and could treat it with advil, ice and heat. I am now considered to have chronic pain. It is horrible. Please get it taken care of asap.

Also, what worked for me in the beginning of the flare up was vicoprofen, and flexerill. Good luck. Let us know.
Thanks for you reply. It was much better this morning, though, when I opened my mouth to brush my teeth, it sort of aggravated it again. The dentist wants to see me tomorrow, but I really don't want to open my mouth too much, nor do I want to change my bite, as I'm due to get a permanent crown and two onlays done on Thursday. Can't imagine how that's going to happen right now! What a mess all this has been.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Be well,

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