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I am writing about my 43 year old daughter who has lived with dizziness, like on a boat with some spinning once in a while for 14 years. She has had all kinds of test of her ears and an MRI of her brain with no tumor found. She does have high blood pressure, TMJ, mitral valve prolapse and no one has helped her. What do you do for this or what kind of doctor can help her.
The high blood pressure can cause it - even if she is taking meds for it. I am assuming she has seen an ENT, vascular dr and/or neurologist and has had a tilt table test?

Assuming all medical venues have been exhausted and nothing conclusive was established she could try accupuncture, pressure point therapy, cranial sacral therapy, etc. - sometimes a more holistic approach to correct a body's dysfunction or imbalance can help. Has she ever tried wearing the pressure point wrist bands often used to combat seasickness - they helped me when I had a bout of vertigo. They usually contain a magnet which presses on the pressure point located in the wrist that is associated with equilibrium. You could also look for a holistic dr - one that is more knowledgeable with eastern "philosophy" treatments or what is sometimes referred to as alternative medical treatment.
I want to take my message off the message board and also take my registration off.
where do you get the pressure point bracelet?
Try a pharmacy or drug store like Walgreens, RiteAid ,etc, probably Walmart too. They are usually located where dramamine or other sea-sickness or motion sickness OTC remedies are sold or ask the phamacist - sometimes they can be kept behind the counter as well. They are elastic wristbands about 1 inch wide.

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