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Hi! I fell due to a skiing accident when I was 15, since then I noticed my hearing in my left ear was changing.

I developed TMJ clicking on my left joint, near my left ear. Since then whenever my hearing feels like it changed/like i lost hearing...I would go to get my hearing tested...only to hear "your hearing is fine". In the beginning when this first happened, i had episdoes of hyperacusis, tinnitus (no ringing, just clicking...), then over time those went away...and now I just have to have subjective hearing problems.

IT seems to get worse when I have a cold, my hearing changes, and it feels like it never gets back to where it was. Stress also causes this when Im sick....if i go to loud places, I have changes in my hearing.

All in all its been a very difficult long process. I have seen several doctors, ENT specialists, TMJ, dentists....Nothing has really helped.

I am so very worried...and dont want my hearing to keep on getting worse.

Does anyone else have this problem? If so what has helped you, or worked for you treatment wise? Do mouthgaurds help with subjective hearing problems?
(I do not grind my teeth, but i do have a sucking motion that I do when I sleep..ever since I was little, would the night gaurd help with that?)

If there are any treatments that have worked for you please post!!!

More on my subjective hearing loss? It feels like I cant hear well with my left ear....when Im in louder places, crowded places, its harder to make out what someone is saying....At home, I feel like certain things sound louder with my left ear (microwaves, washing machine)....also if I am upstairs...I cant make out what people downstairs are saying as clearly as I can with my right ear. It sounds like a little mumbled.

I have some heaviness around my left ear....

All of this has been making me pretty down lately...if anyone can suggest treament that helps with ear issues...let me know.

I have NO symptoms of pain whatsoever...just heaviness, muffled hearing a bit....and some clicking of the joint.

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