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Re: Severe TMJ
Apr 23, 2008
Well my story is quite different than yours in that my tmj started with dental restorations (crowns, bridges and implants) and made worse when a tmj dentist insisted that I crown my back teeth - it got so bad my current tmj dentist (my 4th since this started 4 years ago) removed everything to see if my muscles would relax given some time and in the mean time for me to see a cranial chiro. So basically I have been living with all my teeth filed down practically to the gum line for the past year and have been eating soft food for 4 years now. Any attempts on my part to "chew" food is futile since my teeth can not meet each other (all except one in the back on the right side) and trying to chew forces my upper jaw to go too far down to meet the lower jaw and this causes severe pain in my temples and head. So I stick to my "mushy" foods and anything that can be squished by my tongue and easily swallowed but I do miss that chewing satisfaction I used to get especially when biting into something.

Have you looked into doing anything about it or can nothing be done? I was was wondering if you ever looked into "fat injections" to replace or rebuild cartildge in the joint or prolo therapy to stimulate tissue growth and healing of the joint?

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