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I was going to mention that a higher shoulder would then suggest one leg is longer and your hips and pelvis are unbalanced - some chiros use leg length or shoulder height (if both are equal) to determine what needs to be adjusted. My current chiro feels that the jaw, atlas and axis (c-spine), the sphenoid bone located under the nose and pelvis all need to be equally balanced and centered - when one goes off center they tend to all follow so the entire skeletal structure gets skewed or torqued. In my case I feel this may be true as I could see the changes that occurred shortly after the tmj started not just in overall body pain, but I started walking differently, one leg felt strained, my hips hurt when I laid down, my collar bones shifted off center and at one point I could barely see them any more, one shoulder was hgher and my head and neck leaned more to one side and forward plus my calf and arm muscles were twitching when at rest and my hands and feet felt tingly and sore all the time. My neck would crack with even the smallest movement.

I still am not sure if the tmj casues spine problems or vice versa - a tmj dentist may say the tmj comes first and a chiro may say the spine may come first. My feeling is it may different for each person depending on their their medical/dental history - with me I have an extensive dental history which includes braces, chin augmentation surgery, dental implants and several facial traumas (falling face first on pavement when younger) so it may be hard to pin pnpoint what casued what - but I do know my problems started shortly after changing dentists and progressed over the 3 year period I went to him - up to that point which was after all the other stuff had occurred I was fine and normal. So my feeling is it had to do with the dental work my last dentist did so for me the tmj came first.

The grinding is not good tends to indicate bone on bone contact but again it could be cranial/cervical derangement if you are feeling or hearing it more in the head.

I would go see a chiro if possible - my current one (my 3rd so far) is a kinesiologist and a member of ICAK.

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