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here is a list of my you think i could have tmj?

Various noises and regular louder bursts in one or both ears. There is a lower continuous base sound which could be described as low drone or low buzz accompanied by higher pitched sounds. Intensity of louder bursts and times of worsened base levels seems to be linked to stress, jaw activity, cold air drafts and the way in which I put pressure on my head, neck and facial region whilst sleeping. Intensity of tinnitus is also affected by clenching teeth, jaw movements, forehead pressure and pressure on the temporal mandibular joint. Louder bursts are mostly accompanied with muffled or disturbed hearing, hearing returns to normal levels usually after the louder burst has gone. Hearing loss can occur without louder tinnitus burst.

Ambient sounds can affect the tinnitus and the way it sounds.

Rushing sound in ear when biting on harder foods and when bending over etc…

Hearing seems to get sharper and crisper when mouth is opened wide.

[B][U]Various Clicking and Popping sounds in ears all the time[/U][/B]
When swallowing, yawning and opening mouth wide every time. Sometimes sounds and feels like and popping in ears due to a cold and other times more like bones cracking or grinding together

[B][U]Ear Fullness, itching and feeling of something being inside ear[/U][/B]

Fullness and tense jaw feeling is usually caused by stress or anxiety. Constant stuffy feeling in the head.

[B][U]Ear Fluttering[/U][/B]

Mostly in the morning, but can persist throughout the day.

A similar fluttering (could be described as a feeling of muscles tensing) sensation occurs when touching around the ears, behind the ears and on the forehead.

A similar sensation is noted when hearing sharp sounds such as a coin being dropped on a table.

[B][U]Ear pain[/U][/B]

Pain deep in the ear and also around the ear closer to the outside of the ear. Pain usually comes on in short waves, but does also come on and last for longer periods of time.

Can last for hours and accompanied by an uncomfortable feeling in the ears and jaw afterwards.

Ear pain also occurs when driving at altitude or when flying.

[B][U]Clicking sound behind ear when pressure is applied[/U][/B]

Clicking sounds similar to cracking fingers, but milder when pressure is applied behind the ear.

[B][U]Jaw joint sounds[/U][/B]

Various joint sounds when moving jaw, head and neck and when chewing food. Jaw seems to pop in and out of place when open mouth wider.

[B][U]Jaw stiffness[/U][/B]

Usually in the morning or when lying down.

[B][U]Jaw crunching[/U][/B]

Jaw produces and crunching and grating sound released in and, what feels like, a massive crack. Jaw is painful and produces and constant grating sound when jaw is moved for the next few hours. Happens every 2 or 3 weeks, but can be more frequent.

Feels like a pressure release when jaw cracks.

[U][B]Jaw joint pain[/B][/U]

Daily/frequent. Pain around the jaw area. Pain comes on in sharp waves

[B][U]Temple Pain[/U][/B]

Daily/frequent. Pain in both temples moving upwards to the head. Comes on the waves

[U][B]Displaced Jaw[/B][/U]

Jaw moves sharply the one side when mouth is opened.

[U][B]Crossed Bite[/B][/U]

Severely crossed and crooked bite.

[U][B]Jaw locking[/B][/U]

Jaw had a tendency lock open. Jaw locking open causes head pain. feels like it catches open.

[U][B]Pain Behind eyes[/B][/U]

[U][B]Missing back teeth[/B][/U]

[B][U]Eye floaters[/U][/B]

Black stringy floaters in field of vision, doctor examined and said nothing to worry about. Mentioned as it has been linked to TMJ/TMD

[U][B]Blocked sinus[/B][/U]

Blocked stuffy sinuses all the time.


Dust, pollen, animal hair.

Any input would be much appreciated. The reason i ask is that although i do get pain its not what i would describe as severe pain and from what i have been reading headache pain seems to be the symptom that most people with tmj complain of. I do get pain, but it comes on it shorter sharp waves more than a constent pain.

thanks for reading,

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