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Re: Fingers in ear
May 28, 2008
pstuart: no need to be embarrassed! my mother hasnt been to a dentist in about 20 years! personally i really like my dentist so i dont feel anxious when i go, but i understand why alot of people do. i suggest go to a dentist to begin with, explain your symptoms etc. but dont mention "TMJ" because he might rush to diagnose you with that, instead of coming up with a diagnoses on his own, based only on your symptoms.

maybe you grind your teeth, but only do it an hour before you wake up, i dont know. as i mentioned before, some people feel worse in the morning, some througout the day. it just depends on each individual. i sleep on my stomach so i tend to get alot of neck pain, because im grinding with my jaw in an akward position, twice as bad! i know you're scared but once you see a health professional you will feel alot better.

temera2: my earache used to be alot worse than it is now. i guess i can only describe it as a deep, searing pain. my other symptoms are:

jaw ache/pains
jaw deviation (to left)
popping/clicking when i open or move jaw forwards
toothache/sensitive teeth
headaches (temples, forehead, sides of head behind ears)
stiff neck
back aches
scalp tenderness
pain in cheeks

what about yourself? take care.

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