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At first I didn't know what was happening but a lot of strange things started to happen very quickly with the onset of my tmj - some may sound quite strange but if does ring a bell with you and you were too embarrassed to mention it to anyone or thought it meant you might be going crazy - then this will probably put you at ease.

I first noticed the hair of one eyebrow was no longer located where the eyebrow bone was. And my eyebrow bone seemed to be pushed upward.

Then I noticed one cheek bone was much higher than the other to the point my eye or vision seemed to be affected by it and my forehead became quite flattened and a ridge developed just above it along my hairline. One ear seemed higher than the other as well and further back. My nose seemed off center and it was quite sore as well as the roof of my mouth or palate.

Then suddenly I realized the shape of my head was changing, it was flatter on one side and bulging on the other and the back of my head seemed to be oddly shaped as well - almost as if it had been pushed upward to a point on one side.

Eventually my face and head did not feel normal at all when I touched it and that's when I thought I was going crazy - maybe schizo.

Along with all of this I had the somewhat standard jaw deviation to one side and my tongue seemd to be stuck on that side as well. Eventually I developed facial/cranial spasms that looked a bit like seizures of some kind.

Eventually though my neck started to twist and my head tilted and my collar bones started to push against one another and then they were no longer visible. The shape and position of my shoulders changed and my neck lost its natural "S" curve and pushed forward. All of this eventually caused some discs in my spine to bulge (C5,6 and 7) and probably accounted for the body pain, muscle twitching and tingling sensations I was experiencing.

Most medical drs I told this to did suggest I seek therapy of some kind saying none of this was possible but eventually I did start seeing a chiro and he bascially said what I experienced was extreme but could indeed happen. It took 3 yrs and 2 more chiros but I eventually got referred to a cranial chiro who practices applied kinesiology (ICAK) and he has done a pretty good job of getting almost everything back to where it was originally by basically just using his hands and pushing on just about every part of my head, face and neck. I have been seeing him for almost 8 months now. My face and head don't feel as crooked to the touch any more and my collar bones and neck look much like they did before this happened. Even my shoulders look more even and my chest no longer looks sunken in. My tongue is moving more freely and a lot of the facial, head and neck pain is less in intensity.

I think more importantly though what kept happening was that splint therapy would not work - I mean it basically just made things worse and I tried several different kinds and 4 different drs. When I changed tmj dentist for the 5th time, the new dr took impressions and said based on those, there was no way my jaw was that deviated especially since my tomograms and MRIs looked normal (same as what other drs said) so I must have cranial derangement and he did not want to treat me until I got that evaluated and treated first since he felt no splint could undo or correct the extent he felt I had.

I know I wrote a book - didn't mean to, but that's basically what happened to me. Most people with tmj do experience a certain degree of asymetry in the face due to over working muscles and jaw deviation and this does tend to return to normal once the jaw is respositioned and the bite is more balanced using splint therapy.

Hope I anwered your questions somewhere in there.

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