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I have had braces and was suppose to have jaw repositioning surgery but my hmo kaiser denied the surgery. My orthodontist took off the braces even though he said I needed the surgery or I would end up in chronic pain with my jaw dislocated.

When the HMO sent me to the class for stress and a night guard I told them I needed surgery because my jaw was underdeveloped to prevent future pain, they said no you are to take this class and get the nightguard.

Well what ended up happening 7 years later my jaw dislocated with no warning, after lunch. I grabbed my face and was in horrible pain which did not go away until over a year taking drugs that didn't work, and was finally put on botox shots which worked since the jaw bones were causing severe facial muscle cramping. I think the only reason they gave me the botox shot because of the expense is that I ended up in the icu unit with toxicity from the drugs that didn't work, should have had the shots immediately when the jaw dislocated.

I finally found a doctor that fixed the dislocation, a Prostodontist but he couldn't fix the disc since it was torn when the dislocation happened.

Now I am wondering if my joint is centered with an orthotic and crowns can I have the disc replaced because the flare-ups are horrible. They gave me vicodin and motrin for that which I don't do that well with. At least I don't have facial cramping anymore and don't need the botox (which is very painful and lasts for 3 mo.).... Any suggestions???? This is such an isolating condition and people don't understand unless they take the time to research it.
I hope all my TMJ friends are doing well.
Hey there brave girl... firstly congratulations .... you are doing really well.. when i read your thread i felt like crying .. that seriously would have been awful...but you are doing wonderful.. you have to stop with the botox ok because that masks pain not heals it unless only if you had a muscle problem but it sounds like you need your jaw disk fixed and also set back in place.. right?

Did your jaw make a loud crack noise that day after lunch?... with me my tmj gradually occured however yours seemed to happen in a matter of seconds... if you dont mind me asking . how old are you...?

The reason i ask is because i like to know what age suffer tmj most... have you asked your dentist about a splint.... .Your disk is damaged hey ?

I was told by my dentist if that occurs you can make a artificial one .. have you heard of that ? Dont lose hope ok , you will get better...!!

What are your prime symptoms at the moment...? Mine are earaches, i have a slipped jaw disk.. and am on splint therapy at the moment.. but let me know what symptoms you have because different symptoms require different splints ( i learnt that the hard way :()

Get better , praying for you , hope to hear from you soon
p.s its a dream to visit where you live .. hows the weather there at the moment ..:)
I'm 15 and have had terrible TMJ pain for well over a year. In Jan. of '07, I had all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth removed. I was put under IV sedation and the oral surgeon opened my mouth too wide, bilaterally dislocating my TMJs. My right was dislocated with reduction but my left side was dislocated without reduction.

Unfortunately, the oral surgeon would not give us an explanation as to why my mouth was barely opening but finally, 6 weeks after the surgery, we saw a TMJ specialist. He tried different heat therapies and a splint but sent us to a different oral surgeon who performed arthroscentesis and tried to manually pop my jaw back into place.

I was in a great deal of pain from this procedure alone and it unfortunately was unsuccessful. We eventually began seeing a different TMJ specialist who made me a top splint rather than a bottom splint that the first TMJ specialist had made. After months of doing different exercises and wearing the splint 24/7, the TMJ specialist recommended that we consult a NY oral surgeon who does jaw and TMJ surgery.

I saw a surgeon in Sept. of '07 who wanted to do arthroscopic surgery on both sides. During my surgery in Nov., he cleaned out scar tissue on both sides, sutured the left disc into place after repairing it, and repaired my right disc (he didn't suture this disc). Before operating, the surgeon injected Botox into my temples to try and loosen up those muscles. Immediately after the surgery, my mouth that used to open 1 cm. extremely deviated to the left was opening much straighter.

I will be very straight forward though. This may be arthroscopic surgery but it is a very painful recovery. I was able to return home from NY the day after surgery (to the D.C. area) with many bandages. Because I had a suture on the left, I had a saline-filled balloon inside the joint with a tube connected to it sticking out of me. For the first few days, I had to wear a pressure bandage wrapping around my entire face. My stitches and the tube were removed 5 days later and even then I had practically no scarring!

It took months for me just to recover from the surgery and I had to go back to NY in Feb. for a common follow-up procedure. I was put under IV sedation when the surgeon injected Botox into my temples and masseters, cortisone into both joints, and after stretching my jaw to break up scar tissue encapsulating the joint, he injected in a lubricant.

Once I stayed in pain, I saw a neurologist about 3 weeks after the procedure. I had already been on Elavil and Neurontin for nerve pain but he took me off both (we didn't think they were working) and put me on Cymbalta. From being off the Neurontin, my nerve pain became excruciating so I am now on a very high dose of Neurontin. He also did an extensive series of Botox injections geared towards TMJ migraines and my TMJ muscles which I did get relief from.

I wish I could say things are getting better but I'm still on muscles relaxants and narcotics for the pain. Unfortunately, my body has always had a very high tolerance for pain killers, anesthesia, and muscles relaxants so even 2 percocet don't relieve the pain. We've been researching doing a facial nerve block and I'll be working with a new physical therapist soon.

Obviously, I"m not trying to scare you! I just want to let you know that TMJ problems aren't easy to fix and it's a LONG healing process. I'm a pretty optimistic person so I am always telling myself that I will get better. By keeping a positive attitude, I'm able to go to school and try to live as normal of a life as possible even though I'm in bad pain 24/7.

Lately, I've noticed popping in my left joint which the surgeon said wouldn't happen because the disc isn't supposed to move. The main controversy over TMJ surgery is that stitches can't last forever. The surgeon claims he uses a stitch that doesn't dissolve but we're beginning to wonder if it's wearing off.

Hang in there and look into you options! Let me know if you have anymore questions and if there's anyone out there who's had the surgery and knows anything about the suture wearing off, please reply. Also, if anyone has any questions about the surgeon I saw, we can contact via email. Thank you!

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