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Thanks so much for the response. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets this terribly annoying symptom. Your explanation about the tongue not swallowing properly makes so much sense because my tongue seems very dysfunctional at the moment. It feels tired quite often, it seems to be leaning to one side of my mouth but I think that's due to my jaw being deviated since everything is totally off. My face is puffier on one side, that seems to be the side that everything is "pulling" towards if that makes sense.

I don't really have major difficulty swallowing. I guess I do mildly in thinking about it because sometimes I feel I need extra effort to get things down but everything DOES go down. My main symptoms are when food or drink enters my mouth, I feel tons of saliva in my mouth and my tongue and jaw feel tired, my facial muscles feel like they are all not working together at the same time and I'm constantly feeling like I have to keep my lips tightly shut or else I'll either spit while I'm eating or food will fly out of my mouth. Is this what they mean by difficulty chewing?

Speaking of my lips... I have an abnormal lip posture as well, as if my lips almost look peculiar at rest. This also I believe plays into why I feel like I have to clamp my lips shut while eating, because they are not "lined up" properly at rest due to all the muscle tension and abnormalities I have in my face and jaw from the TMD. Does this make sense?

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