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I am sorry you are having these pains. I have them too. Actually I had them yesterday, and I am about 6 weeks into splint therapy, too. My face is still sore, and I do not feel the dang splint is working.

Oh, the earaches hurt so badly. I only have them on the left side, and they almost take me to my knees. If feels like they hurt into my ear, then into the joint, like a searing, moving, throbbing pain. They do only last a couple of seconds, but usually are here for the day, meaning they come and go for a day or so, and then maybe you do not feel them again for another couple of days.

Do you have pain anywhere else? The reason I ask is once I had my last major tmj flare up, September 4, 2007, it stayed and the pain spread through my body. I know have chronic pain throughout my body. So with what started with migraines and then tmj, then turned into myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, temporal tendonitis, osteoarthritis of the jaw etc. I hope your pain is just in your tmj, and you get the right treatment, and medications.

Good luck,


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