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[QUOTE=StillHope;3997373]First of all I know all how it feels!
Yah, you too lost the VDO and moreover at the same time your jaw was pushed to the back (thus closed lock) limiting all your muscles with the space and freedom they need.

What to do?
First, learn to relax your jaw and the whole body. Seems like you have a good awareness of your muscles (which most of dentists hate!!!); try to increase it even more. In your case probably placing the tongue on the inside of the front teeth is not a solution (I mean temp solution) b/c your fronts are likely too close for that. But you can try.
Anything that will stop your jaw from closing at the height that you have is good.

So focus on letting your jaw drop down. Try to bite on smth like a "pad" from a paper towel or ask for dental cotton rolls and so on.
B/c it's not hard as a splint it will allow your jaw to balance in left and right.
Oh, for you an aquilizer might be a good idea. And it's cheap to try compared to dental treatments. I think I ordered some for about $25 each or so. It's like biting on two tiny plastic "bags" filled with water.

They are not recommended for sleeping. When I was abandoned in an emergency situation created by a well-respected dentist from Dawson's Center in Florida without ANY usable temps and with the ruined temps in which I came in I just could not sleep w/o choking and suffocating. So I tried to sleep with the aquilizer. In a few nights I chewed it through and the liquid was gone. I also got a blister under my lip. But at least it helped to regain some consciousness and control and not to kill myself right there.

You might also benefit from anything that relaxes the body and the neck muscles, like heat pads and so on. I found a good shiatsu massage being of a great help.
It is also essential to focus on keeping the correct posture. Imagine growing taller from your neck and dropping the shoulders at the same time. I bet your shoulders are up and the head is into them. Is that so?

Breathe and think about elongating the spine and being more relaxed everywhere while dropping the jaw down.
This is what we can do to survive. It's not a solution of course,

You will need a good comfy splint that's for sure and then restore your VDO somehow. It all depends on your dental situation.
Just keep in mind that it's not good to allow dentists to make any irreversible changes unless they are "backed up" in some way!!
Hope that helps.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the info!! I did actually try the aqualizer temp. , but it was of no help to me. Right now I really need to find someone who understands what's going on with my joints, muscles, and exactly how to stabalize my bite, and get me out of this constant pain. If I have to wear a splint 24/7 again, that's ok, but I would like to get to a specialist to see if I actually can get this fixed , not just bandaid my symptoms. I'm about to travel to Chicago if I have to to see Dr, Goldman, who Maxwell recommended to me. Anyone know of anybody whose been treated by him?? please let me know.. Thanks! J.

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