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I have been dealing with clogged ears and ringing for about six months now. I was getting really down and discouraged about it all so I decided to pop in one of my yoga tapes which I had not done in a long, long time. I decided to try it as it was a relaxation tape and I thought that relaxing might help me to at least relax with it a bit. While doing it I discovered that I could feel my ears start to open up and drain and that the ringing diminished a bit. It worked better than any decongestant I had tried or hot compresses, or the netti pot, or any medicines from various doctors/dentists. Thought I would share them. Maybe they will help you and maybe not, but it can't really hurt to try. I am finding that they help me quite a bit. I do them in the morning after I get up, before bed at night, and several times throughout the day, most especially if I notice the clogged feeling or the ringing gets worse.

Inhale and tilt your head to the left - ear to shoulder. Stay there for a few seconds breathing deeply. Inhale and bring the head back. Repeat on the right side. Do each side five or six times.

Inhale and drop the head - chin to chest. Breathe deeply for a few seconds. Inhale and bring the head up. Inhale and drop the head back. Breathe deeply for a few seconds. Inhale and bring the head back. Repeat five or six times.

Inhale and look to the left. Breathe deeply. Inhale and bring the head back to center. Repeat looking to the right. Repeat the series five or six times.

Finally, inhale and raise the arms over head. Exhale, bend the knees, and slowly curl towards the floor, letting the arms and head hang - eyes looking at your knees. Inhale and roll up. Do this slowly as it can make you a little dizzy as the pressure in your ears changes.

All of these should be done slowly and without strain. Go only as far as feels comfortable and hold only for as long as feels comfortable. Hopefully you will notice some change. I still wake up every morning with the clogged feeling and the ringing so it is not a cure, but I do believe that it is working for me and I am better able to get on with my day. And, if you work you can very easily tilt your head and no one will really notice!


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