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My story is a long one but I will try not to bore you. It all started with a bad ear ache. I let it go on for a while before finally going to the doctor. The doctor told me i had a slgiht ear infection- gave me some antibiotics and some drops. I started taking the meds but stopped when I felt better. Shortly after I developed this weird spaced out feeling that's hard to describe. I also thought I felt sinus pressure. I went back to the doctor who told me that she saw some inflammation so she gave me some nasonex and clarinex. the spacey feeling stayed with me on and off and it was really irritating. It was not dizziness just weirdness. During this whole time my ear was ringing on an off, popping on an off and my neck was rather stiff. I also had a bad headache for a while so i went back to the doctor who basically told me my blood pressure could be giving me a headache and that i should go to an ENT for the ear. Went to the ER in the meantime because my heart was palpitating and my ear really really hurt on sunday. She told me that my heart was fine but that my ear looked like there was either a whole or dried blood. Went to my ENT yesterday- nothing wrong with my hearing or my ear. He said that my ear is a little scarred because of the old ear infection but said he thought I had TMJ. That was yesterday. I was so frustrated. He said there was nothing he could give me for the ear pain :( i made an appt with a TMJ doctor on tuesday and I go back to my Primary Care doctor friday. I am praying to GOD that this will all go away soon and I will be back to normal. To answer your question I think it is probably TMJ and I hope you feel better soon.

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