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A good dentist can confirm if you are clenching or grinding your teeth unknowlingly or while you sleep since both result in changes in your teeth on the surfaces and edges - they tend to become rounder or flatter. Both tend to also promote or induce teeth sensitivity, teeth mobility or shifting and bone/gum tissue recession. Also, those that tend to clench or grind during their sleep may also notice an increase in snoring or sleep apnea occurrences and a mild or slight headache or stiffness at the base of the head upon getting up or within an hour or so of being up.

The c-spine or cervical spine is your neck - I forget how many discs are located in the region but is starts out with C1 and C2 - the atlas and axis, respectively - and I think, although not sure - it may go to C10 and then the discs are numbered for the lumbar area or lower spine with L1, L2, etc. The atlas and axis are most important as the head is centered and balanced on them and they rely on the same muscle groups the jaw and tongue use. Its also the area where most nerves run through so an issue here can cause tingling in the face as well as to the limbs. Its one of the reasons I thought trimengial neuralgia - its an issue with the trimengial nerve located on the left side near the temple area that runs across the cheek.

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