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I too ruined my healthy teeth and bite due to my dental ignorance and blind trust in dentists - I think had I found a competent dentist when my symptoms first started my problem could have been easily corrected and would not have spiraled out of control but what started out as bad quickly escalated to horrible and then nightmarish and surreal as each dentist I went to put their own spin onto it.

It started as just pain along the upper anterior ridge after a bridge had been replaced and then the upper canine and up into my left nostril started to ache. I noticed the left side was not closing completely as it had once done and if I forced it the pain along the anterior ridge and up the side of the nose just intensified. After continually arguing with the dentist who did the bridge about this I decided I would go see another dentist about it, but since I had one more appt already made with the former dentist to replace a filling in the upper last molar on the right side, decided I would have that done and then go see the other dentist, but I never made it. Within a week of that filling be done, I started getting neck pain, it would crack with every move I made and a lot of pressure along the base of my head and into my tmj's. Within a few days of that starting I awoke in the middle of the night with a strange urge to yawn only this was no ordinary yawn - it sharply deviated toward the left and I felt extreme burning and pulling on the left side of my nose and face. When I awoke the next morning my face and neck looked different - my face looked like a chipmunk with nuts in their cheeks and my neck seemed unusually elongated and thin - like my head had been pulled off of it a bit was sitting higher. Within a few days of that I was at work when I suddenly had this out of body feeling and I developed an extreme migraine and nausea so I went home and tried to get some sleep but during the night the migraine became so intense I started vomiting and within a few hours was in the ER. I was never able to return to work after that - my symptoms just kept evolving - tongue spasms where my tongue would involuntarily and repeatively circle my back teeth (they thought it was dystonia), that evolved into a facial spasm that looks like a wide yawn only my tongue would thrust forward and out, my head tilted down and toward the right and my neck lost its "S" curve and then I lost my upper body strength and my back hurt and my hips felt torqued. MRIs suggested MS plus they found bulging of 3 cervical discs. I started getting overall muscle twitching and numbness, plus I had developed a choking sensation and gagged anytime I opened my mouth more than a fingers worth. I had vertigo, tinnitus - just about every symptoms there is for tmj and was diagnosed with so many medical possibilites it was almost funny - how can one person have 16 different conditions and they all happened at the same time.

To try and make this brief - I have done many different therapies and am now to the point where I am still dealing with the facial pain and spasms, some body pain and stiffness, fatigue, dizziness and a tongue that still does not know where it belongs - and it still changes from day to day with some days being better and other days I can't get out of bed. Although I still have swallowing difficulties that choking sensation is not as bad - mine used to feel like I had a noose or rope tied around my neck under my chin and b/c I tend to keep my mouth open I do have excessive dryness of my throat in general and this does sometimes feel like ball is lodged in there - which is odd since I seem to have excessive saliva and drool occassionaly but I guess I am not swallowing it so that accounts for the dryness..

The development of many of my symtpoms seemed to correspond to the dental treatment I tried and the symptoms changed as I changed dentists/specialists when so called tmj treatments (equilibration, crowning back teeth and then various splints, orthotics, deprogrammers, discluders, etc) failed - which is why I feel the way I do about dentists now.

Say - how did your date go today - what did you think of the dr you saw and what did he advise you?

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