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Hi M4ria88,

The dentist I saw a couple of days ago had a basic knowledge of TMJ, but I wouldn't say he's an expert at all! He had a contradictory diagnosis to the surgeon- he had a look at my X ray and felt my joint & he said the actual TMJ joint has nothing wrong with it.(It kinda makes sense as I get no jaw clicking or joint pain). He said he's almost 100% sure it's muscle fatigue that has caused the lock. I have a full upper arch splint (made from another dentist) & he said it fits well, and is releiving the pressure of the grinding to an extent. However he said a better splint that will offer more relief for the muscles/joint is similar to the NTI splint - it basically was a hard plastic that fits completely over the upper 4 teeth. He said by not allowing the back molars to touch, it will offer more of a chance for the muscles to rest. He said he gets patients to wear it for 2months every night, then every 2nd night until you hopefully stop the grinding habit. He did say the main negative is that it can cause the jaw joint to go further back, causing an overbite & teeth not meeting properly. He said he monitors this, & for patients that this happens to he puts them onto the full arch splint.

He said to take nurofen, heat packs & his new splint should help. If not, he'd then put me on valium & the splint. I've already tried valium for a week with no improvement right at the beginning when I locked, so I am sceptical. I don't know if he is just a text book dentist & just says 'set things to do', then later, will have no answers when things don't work. He referred me to a physio to work on my jaw muscles, however I'm a bit scared now since you said not to rush into that after a month? Why is that? I thought physio was supposed to be pretty safe? I havent made an appointment? Have you done any physio yet? What's it like?

All the best & I hope you keep improving!

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