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Re: Appliances
Dec 28, 2008
Hey guys -

In answer to your questions, Stillhope -
Once I seperated the full horseshoe into separate "bridges" - that's when it became apparent that my bite was open in the back - the dentist asked why I didn't tell him when he put them on and I said its b/c I am in so much pain I can't feel anything - I was that numb from pain - so instead of lengthening the back teeth which is what I suggested he do - he shortend the front and things went from bad to worse - then he tried to raise everything up by adding acrylic everywhere and the spasms started. At one point he said "I think you have a jaw problem and I don't do those":confused:Then why do you call yourself a "tmj dr? My first rude awakening. He was a cosmetic dentist in sheeps clothing, if you ask me.

My 2nd tmj dentist felt the angle of my upper front implants was too steep and causing an overbite - personally I did not agree with him since the dentist that did them was able to attach a bridge to it without too much trouble - he went to the trouble of locating the mftr and obtaining replacement posts to see if he could alter the angle but it did not change things at all since the angle is actually determined by the base of the implant and how it is placed and eventually intergrates with the bone. After 18 mos with him I then tried a nm dentist and he had the same problem only his upper teeth actually torqued the implants and they began to hurt - when he suggested I removed them to see if that was the problem I went along with it (again almost as if to prove him wrong and spited myself) b/c once they were out he still could not get my front teeth aligned and after 5 months with him he said "sorry I can't help you" so now I had no teeth as I could not wear his at all - I had no implants to hold front bridges and only some temps for my back teeth from my 2nd dentist that would fall off every time I opened my mouth.

I am glad you have noticed the issue with your tongue - it is my biggest problem - in filing the teeth (especially the uppers) I noticed my tongue was now pulling from side to side and this in turn pulls my jaw - I can't seem to impress enough on dentists the importance of this for me as my teeth used to encase my tongue and force it forward and now it feels like it is pulled back toward my throat and I find it searches for something to lean on. I too have back teeth in which a part of the "W" is missing and have said this too often to count - it feels like half of each tooth is missing on one side, yet when dentists have tried to correct them they put the "missing side " on the outer part of the tooth toward my cheeks and not the inner side toward my tongue - its quite frustrating. They seem to think I need this "freeway" space when in fact I feel I need much less than what they keep providing. My tongue needs to feel the teeth on each side of it on the top so I can relax my jaw and go into what I feel is close to a "swallowing" position.

LTC - you know how I have found my bite quite often - I open my mouth until I feel my tm joints reach a point of feeling relaxed or like they used to feel - its just something you will recognize once you are there - I let my lower jaw just drop down a bit and slowly push my tongue forward and slightly upward, and as I do this I try and get just my back teeth to touch. Now I really can't get my teeth to touch but since one side is longer I almost make contact with one tooth on that side in the back but once I do this I swallow slightly - this forces my jaw lower jaw into the relaxed postion and if I repeat it over and over again - I feel like my bite is "restored" but I can not maintain it since my tongue keeps pulling backwards - it needs to stay pushed forward and straight for me to do this - the further back or to one side it goes the more facial spasms I get.

I tend to agree lower jaw forward - it opens the airway and allows the tongue to move forward and gives the condyles room to move and glide or function as they should - however too much can misalign the teeth or bite and over extend the joints, no? My 2nd dentist confused me the same as you LTC - first he tried to push my lower jaw backwards- it hurt like heck and yelled at him to stop doing that- I thought he was going to break it - and then a few months later he suggested I needed surgery to pull it forward.

I did try 2 upper reprogramming appliances - one was called a discluder - it raised the vertical or VOD but since my back teeth could not meet as a result it made things worse in terms of cranial pressure, ear aches, neck tightness, etc. I thought the dentist would then lengthen my back teeth but no he felt my front teeth needed to be lengthened and my back teeth not touch at all which then caused vertigo. Also when wearing it - it makes you purse your front lips together which forces your tongue forward but if your bite does not support this position once you remove it all the pain returns and it was not really something you could wear in front of people -although the dentist told me a lot of people do - it was quite bulky on the upper front teeth so you kind of look like you are doing a Jerry Lewis immitation of the wacky Professor. :D

I also tried something called a Mago ( I think) - a anterior reprogrammer that was basically a clear plastic retainer I wore on my upper front teeth - now I have no clue why - but this made me feel like I was on ice skates - I could not get my back teeth to meet but not only that - my u/l jaws felt like they were crossing each other and my canines were taking the brunt of it - they felt like they were being twisted. It was during this time I got locked open on a few occassions and then locked closed 2x and had to have trigger point injections done. When wearing this I also lost that direct contact between the sides of my teeth and my tongue that I need and I felt like I was "falling" or leaning to one side all the time.

Sorry I didn't post sooner but had to go to my sister's today as one of my neice's who couldn't make xmas with us wanted to spend some time with us - my jaw and face are killing me now - too much talking plus I drank too much spiked eggnog and my eyes feel crossed but I can't tell if that's from the eggnog or not.:dizzy:

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