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Re: Appliances
Dec 28, 2008
LTC, let's be more precise about the ear pain. What I noticed that the feeling like there are metal nails in the ears is when the jaw is too forward and the head slips out of the "socket". Basically this pain comes from the muscles which have to hold the head harder when the jaw is more forward. Just imagine this 10-12 lb "ball" out of balance on the spine. I am not sure about the feeling of ear congestion. It seems to me so far that this is more when there is too much pressure on the teeth like the VDO is too high or something. Which ear symptoms do you have?

I have only two upper last molars and one lower but it lost the cap so it's extremely low. Last September a dentist filed off the upper molar without even telling me! Others before him told me not to touch it until I will be comfy since the last molars are very essential. Now this last molar looks like a half of the letter "W"; as soon as he did that I felt like an airplane with one wing: the jaw/head are tipping over on one side. A tiny contact that I had with what's below was ruined.
Since then I am practically unable to keep my jaw pain free like I learned to do within the last months. I can do it for a day the way I described to you many times (it takes few hours for me!) but the first meal or especially the sleep brings it back to a nightmare state. The dentist told me "not to pay attention to the teeth"! What teeth ??? He did not make anything for me and made what I had before him unusable. He never offered anything to help me with the created emergency (there is much more to what he did) b/c he is even denying it to some degree.

You are right that behind the condyle there is soft tissue not "just the bone". Moreover, there is a very delicate tissue with all the blood vessels, nerves going to the brain. So when they strongly push the jaw back they might damage this tissue especially if the ligament holding the condyle is stretched or traumatized; I believe this is my case now after all those dental "experiments"; few times my excruciating jaw pain after these "jaw pushes" was accompanied for few weeks with the liquid sound; I was told they could have caused an edema behind the condyle. I was almost bed ridden each time for 2-3 weeks (just like TL mentioned).
Actually dentists supposed to "romance the mandibula" (i.e. the jaw) but to me this is more like a "rape" what they do!!:D

Where the bite is? Our jaw is not something like a dislocated shoulder which a doc has to "put back in place". If there is nothing on the way, our jaw knows itself where it should be to bite! After so much dental work our senses are messed up but the jaw still knows. So instead of telling it or allowing dentists to tell it where it should be just learn to LISTEN!
For this, one has to be quiet, calm, relaxed, in balance, and pain free.
Once you get to this position just watch where you jaw wants to close "on food". I repeat "on food" b/c the jaw will close on food with pressure while when it is just hanging relaxed it cannot take pressure. Just try gently to bite on your finger on each side and watch when it is comfy and pain free for the jaw. The fingers will make the sides more even too unlike the denture which you have unbalanced.
Repeat it at different times, different days and watch if this is the same jaw position. If it is reproducible then this is it, at least for a good start.

Hope TL will write something soon.
Oh, did you, guys, have an "anterior device" (or "anterior reprogrammer") made for your jaw to relax? I am curious since few dentists mentioned but none of them made it for me, don't know why. Maybe it's too easy and too cheap but it supposed to relax the jaw within minutes or 1/2 hour. Please, let me know if you heard about it or tried.

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