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Re: Appliances
Dec 29, 2008
I am not certain if the tmj started back when I had the implants first done or not - after they were finished I did develop an ear ache and a hard knot just in front of my right ear and one lower crown that was initially used as an anchor seemed a bit too high so he filed it down a bit but the right side continued to ache but it was more of an annoyance and nothing terrible. I did develop a neck problem shortly thereafter as well with some popping occuring but after a few months everything seemd fine and I spent the next 7 yrs living normally. It was when I chipped the upper front bridge that exposed an implant that my periodontist that I had started to see for my cleanings (very important if you have implants) recommended I go to someone else to have it fixed - a prosthodontist he knew that he said worked on his wife - so I went to him and it was the replacement bridge that started everything. Now that I look back at that point every visit with him raised more flags and b/c I was just so busy with work and at that point going to see my dad in another state (my mom died shortly after the implants were first done) every weekend - I just dismissed all those concerns I kept having or feeling.

I had the four upper front teeth removed and 4 implants placed on top but one implant did not "seat" well meaning that the base intergrated on a bit of a different angle than the other 3 - making it hard to use it in the bridge as attaching the post would have created the need to push the whole bridge forward - so they "put it to sleep" meaning he decided not to use it or attach a post and just leave it there as it was not visible and would casue no harm not being used either- and he used just the other 3 implants with attached posts to hold the 4 pontic bridge.

On the bottom he removed 6 front teeth and placed 3 implants to support a 6 pontic bridge - but I did end up with some space in between the bridge and my adjacent natural teeth but it was Ok - didn't bother me or look terrible.

But again when I had the upper bridge replaced due to the chip - that prostho insisted the lower had to be changed to match the upper and in doing that he closed the space up that I had on either side of the bridge and the teeth seemed longer and heavier and I started getting pain on the bottom and then on top.

So basically my problems started at that point. I just wish I had gone back to the first guy you know - what a mistake I made.

If this set of splints doesn't work I may at that point at least start going for consults again - I can't see trying the same thing over and over and this is the 4th set of overdentures I have tried. I know the dentist asked me to think about removing the upper teeth and going to a full denture but at that point I may want to see others for more opinons since that is so final. And if that doesn't work, then that means I may have removed them for the wrong reason - same as I did with the implants and I am just so tired of making one mistake after another and listening to well meaning dentists with well meaning advice which end up only make things worse for me.

The answer to the riddle wouldn't be "a tooth" would it? I am probably over analyzing it - but that's me to a tee.

Well I have the chiro tomorrow - kind of looking forward to it since my hip hurts again as does my face and neck and back and feet - right back to where I was a few months ago - those adjustments don't last long do they?

Something is not right though with my upper jaws - I used to feel as if both sides were equal in distance from my ears or temple forward and now the right side always feel shorter - as if its bent or curved - kind of like stretching your arms out in front of you - but bend the right elbow and bring your right hand in towards your chest a bit - my upper jaws feel like that - one side is stretched forward and the other side does not extend as far and is "bent" in somehow. My face feels like it is contorted or mis-shapened as well. I just hate all of this.

oh btw - I did see something about the rise of tmj related to cosmetic dental work when I first started researching tmj and educating myself - mainly b/c dentists try and "sell" it as an affordable self-indulgent self-improvement and do not give much thought to the orthopedics and neuromuscular structure they are messing with.

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