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Well the clenching can certainly cause inflamation to the eustachion tubes and surrounding area which can result in the hearing loss and tinnutis you are epxerieincing. Generally clenching and grinding indicate a bite or occlusion issue although I have read some literature that suggests it can be a response to stress as well and is a learned patterned or habit - also suggesting therefore that it can be unlearned. One dr once told me almost everyone experiences mild symtpoms of tmj in one form or another in their lifetime simply b/c as we age and our teeth wear down naturally, the bite gradually begins to change but eventually our bodies adapt and the symptoms will disappear. The force exerted in both clenching and gringing can damage teeth and stresses the muscles, and leave jaw bones in a state of chronic aching. This is why many dentists recommend the use of a night guard if not to stop or prevent the clenching or gringing to preven the teeth from being damamged or worn down which in turn can change the bite and induce symptoms of tmj. So yes, its possible your are experiencing some symptoms of tmj.

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