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Well it is certainly possible when you stop the clenching your hearing loss will return and the tinnitus will go away - at one point my ear noise sounded like roaring waves along the beach shore or like static from a radio station that wasn't tuned in - extrme symptoms due to my extreme form of muscular dysfuntion due to the lack of a stabile bite - but various alternative treatments resolved mine, even though I still have the lack of bite issue - so I am fairly confident yours can be resolved too.

Since my tmj issues have yet to be resolved thru standard dental splints or orthotics, I turned to chiro, PT and cranial sacral therapy to help keep my muscles and body relaxed - chiro addresses the alingment of the body which in turn lessens muscle tension and the others work directly with the muscles themselves, like addressing pressure points, or empoying massages, warm compresses, the tens unit, etc.

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