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Oh - we are bracing for snow here tomorrow as well - another 6-8 inches. My bro and his family were supposed to come from PA for the weekend but now cancelled - guess I will get to use the snow blower afterall.

LTC - if I remember correctly my upper teeth were much longer than my lower teeth - and the reason I remember this is I would try and brush up and down like dentists often tell you to - and this was fine on the top but on the bottom not as easy - it was better to just brush across the sides. Also I clearly remember my upper teeth on either side of my tongue which is virtually non -existant now. I think my upper central or middle molars are where I lost the VOD - that is where I feel the most difference with my tongue too.

I did read in a medical journal about drs working on growing teeth - actually had success but it was not teeth as we know it but a "stump" did present itself as a result of their efforts in which they could then attach crown - which is pretty amazing too even it they really did not get an actual tooth that would like on its own.

Stillhope - I don't have pain in the joints themselves but everywhere else - feels like a rubber band wrapped around my forehead, around my ears, across my upper lip and under my chin. I didn't see the jaw path on the CT or MRI - is that something I could actually see? But you mention something about the jaw path going slightly across the arches - now woudl that be why I feel like my back teeth cross over "some bone" way back there - LOL - I keep getting this feeling whether I am wearing temps or the overdenture that the sides of my molars are not on the right side of the jaw bone - that the entire tooth is either on one side of the gum or the other, but never centered squarely on the gum line - hard to explain for me. But with my natural teeth I did have this scissor like motion which felt like my upper back teeth woudl rotate around when I opened my mouth to speak - another thing hard to explain. I give up - I don't think I will ever get my teeth back but i would like to be able to find something comfortable that I can at least close my mouth around and not spasm when I try to open it. Some days my teeth actually feel llike the sides of them face upward instead of the horizontal surface - how do they get back both the vertical height and angle the teeth had - I always felt like the inner part of my molars were just as long as the outside side closer to the cheek - now its like I have no inner sides at all and my teeth are "bent" or bend trying to reach each other .

Most of the dentists I have been to - my current one too - use the arm test in adjusting the teeth but I often wonder what they are checking when the teeth they made are so big I can't close my mouth LOL.

Today was a rough day for me - even my bro picked up on it and when he called to cancel this weekend - said he could hear it in my voice - but I knew it would be - I could tell last night my body was having a hard time relaxing when I went to bed - its like I knew I wasn't really sleeping all night long. But this often happens too - I go 2-3 nights of not sleeping well and then finally crash and burn.
Not new dentists: one - my local who will remove the last perm. crown on the upper molar and make a pair (upper+lower) temps instead. Hopefully, this will help or... get worse. So I am nervous already and my mood is unstable.
The next day I'll see the one who caused this last mess to possibly make a sleep appliance. I don't count on him much. Decided to wait with the new dentists until I will see where I will be after all that.

LTC, I rub Arnica gel, I really like it; it seems to help.

I wouldn't suggest to open the mouth wide open b/c with our unstable jaws/bites we better not risk to have an open lock! When the mouth is too open the disks slide forward.
I'd suggest instead to just guide your jaw with your hands on the sides of it (or fingers on the sides of the teeth) to open-close slowly and lightly not to the touch and not wide, just to make it recall its normal function and normal position. This is what helped me the last two days to reduce my "jaw walking all over"; I was doing it while sitting at the computer.

LTC, if you want the body exercises for the jaw, I think the best one is the child pose: sit on your heels, then lie down forward, head tucked in, arms stretched forward. This is the stretch for the lower back and back of the neck and this is what we need for the jaw. It's the same idea as standing and "pulling" your head towards the ceiling.

TL, I bet your shoulders are constantly lifted. Can you drop them down at all, let them "hang" and let the arms hang? Yes, the feet- that's exactly where I get it right away too. When I had massages and she touched the feet my jaw, throat, neck muscles would immediately start making noises and unwinding.
You can try to relax your feet, and massage them, let's say after a warm soak, see if this will help. There are different rollers, etc. for the feet. Usually it helps to relax the shoulders and then the neck and jaw.

When are you seeing your dentist? Did they call you at all?

It was a nice day here but I didn't make it to go out, my mind was spinning too much.
LTC, this is a good sign that they called you from the new dentist to ask how you are doing. Of course, some offices do this kind of "care" until they get the money and later you can't recognize their behavior since it changes so much. On the other hand, there are offices where they don't even bother pretending that they care b/c they will get your money anyway. In the first case at least there is some hope that this dentist really wants to help you which is great. Relining your old dentures so that you won't suffer while waiting is a big plus about him as well.
I'll put my "cosmic energy" for this to work for you!! We all want to see success stories.

Yah, from what I know, you can find a complaint but they are not dealing with the money issues! It's totally independent. You'll have to try to get your money on your own.
BTW, I never heard from that dentist who charged me $500 for two consults. Will try to write him again but what can I do??? Nothing, unfortunately. If he didn't have enough morals and charged me this way when I was next to unconscious in his office, I doubt that suddenly my letter will evoke his morals out of nowhere...

Today I had my last molar crown removed and two teeth re-prepared. My dentist charged me the fee as for the ceramics tho we are very far from that in my case. He asked me "don't you want to do them with me?" It's interesting b/c before he was afraid to take my case due to my tmj, muscle, bite problems. I suspect that the bad economy demands them now to be more brave. To tell the truth, I am not too sure I want him to do it all b/c I will be the first one on whom he will do what I need. I'll try to create a plan so that he can indeed start with two ceramics, maybe then I will know better.

He is very good himself but he lets too much work to be done by his assistant. At this stage I can do the same work better than she does. I know two patients who left him b/c they didn't feel it's right to pay such fees for the assistant to do the work. What would be a polite way to ask him that he, himself will do my case??

TL, I read about NUCCA chiro's and it does seem to be different from bone cracking. I searched for NJ and got only [U]one [/U]name (a guy). But you are seeing a NUCCA chiro, a lady, right?
How did you find her?
I also found a Blair technique chiro right in my neighborhood. Do you know anything about it? Does your nucca lady use this as well? It was mentioned on one of the nucca sites.

Now I need to work on my unwinding to make a BR, so it might be good
to see a nucca chiro to check my neck b/c it's so unstable.
Well thats good your getting some work done, So he wants to recrown them, I don't know much about crowns but after you get a tooth prepped shouldn't the crown be put on soon afterwards. It is hard to know what to do, did you asked him what changed his mind about working on you? You mean he has his dental assistants do some of the work? I'm not sure thats legal is it? I would tell him with the type of problems you are having that you only want him to do the work.

It maybe good to see a chiro, I am leary as I had a bad exp. with the one. But they can do an xray and be able to tell you if "your head is not on straight" We have no upper cervial chiros in my area, its good you have one in your backyard. A consult wouldn't hurt ya know.

That is so trure you never really know until after a few visits what the dentist is going to be like.

Oh that dentist is just going to write you off it sounds like, I would keep hounding him. Call his office enough times and demand to talk to him and he'll get tired of it and maybe send you some of your money back. Unreal isn't it.
One thing good you didn't start treatment with him, that would of probably turned into a nighmare, he probably makes his money off of consults!!!!!!!!!!
Boy alot to read this am, I write more in the am and you two at night. When yous are writing I'm in bed.

What is bow transfer? I can see leaving the teeth exposed isn't good , but at this point doing a permanent crown is not good either if they are not sure of your bite.

People don't understand and personally if I wasn't having a problem like this, I wouldn't understand either. Mainly I would go out and eat with my friends, but as you know thats out of the question. and why don't you do something to help yourself- well we are trying, its not like we like this. The people that really know me, know I'm not a slouch and lazy, so they know, but my neighbor lady just can't understand why I don't play scrabble with her anymore, and she just can't understand "why no one can make me a denture"

Then I think some people think I'm a nut case and hypochrondriate, and have psychological problems, I wonder that myself sometimes!!!

Stillhope- that was a good price for the splint.Most of mine have been $600 and then lets add the splint adjustments- no I don't want to, I get depressed just thinking about it and all the money spent on this. I sure hope your new splint helps you, I can't wait for you to get it and TL's.

Oh I'll tell my husband we tell each other everything, but he doesn't understand how it feels like yous do. So I quit trying to explain it to him and he knows I don't feel well.

But you both know how things happen, seems like I got roped in- I mean it was like you are going to become our patient, but they were and are well meaning I'm sure and I don't feel its all about money.
Stillhope- your dentist is an hour away, oh my, see thats a long way for me. I have a hard time getting to the grocery store so I wanted someone in town. But TL- remember I use to drive myself to Hastings (60 miles one way), and now I have a hard time driving at all again since returning to my present dentist.

TL- how far is your brother from you?? I hope this isn't going to be too hard on you. I guess a few days, bring your meds. I know people think we sit home and do nothing, but its hard to do anything, I space my housework out, and also take frequent rests. My carpet needs a cleaning, I have a old hoover cleaner- thats a big job cleaning your carpet, I also use the dyson granules and they seem to work well-more like a dry cleaning.

I hope that one girl calls me today, I'm curious how she is doing, not well I'm thinking.

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