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Hey guys - sorry no post yesterday - just in one of those days where even "talking" about this was not going to help - I am just tired of it as I am sure you both are as well.

Stillhope - do you get this feeling that your lower jaw swings or points one way and then several hours later goes the other way. When my right side feels like the bones in the back are aligned, I can feel the whole right sie of my body relax - but this make the upper left jaw/teeth feel like they are crossing over the lower left like this "X". and so the whole left side of my body will tighten up. But yet a few hours later it reverses itself - usually I will get several spasms that will help it along - and now the left side is aligned and now the right side feels like the "X" and that side of the body tightens up. My eyes and tongue get affected by each as well as the tongue will tighten and the eyes will squint on the side that feels -mis-aligned. It seems to me I always have one side wrong - and it worries me too - that both side will never be able to work in unison or feel normal again.

LTC - its funny you mention that OBI dentists like long front teeth - my 4 upper natural front teeth were long - they were the only ones that were long, so when I smiled that is all you saw - I used to bring my lower jaw up a bit or drop my lower lip down so you would see them when I smiled. When I first got the implants and the bridges I found the upper bridge seemed a bit short b/c my tongue would didn't have enough length to fully enunciate some letters but I got used to it rather quickly. The replacement bridges, although longer which felt OK in that regards were bulkier behind toward my tongue - and this became a problem as I felt like although the length was there my tongue did not have the same amt of room to extend itself while speaking - which is something I also think contributed to my problem as the tongue is a muscle - so the contant inability to extend may have induced muscle fatigue.

Sometime I see the ads for dentists in the local newspaper but most times it is in this local magazine that is called Clipper - its ads taken out by all the local businesses in the county that offers coupons, etc. and included free with our mail once a month.

My dentist is only open Mon - thurs - I often wonder what his patients do who work and can not take time off from work - he has one night a week he stays open to 7 but that's it.

Oh - I can't wait for spring to come either - more snow tomorrow night. So what's on the agenda this week? - I have just the chiro unless my dentist calls, LTC - I think you have the dentist Wed to do the relining, right? and Stillhope you are in a holding pattern waiting for a splint?

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