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LTC, I assume they didn't cause any pain when they moved your jaw up and down, neither they pushed it to the back. I am sure you'd mention it here if it would be painful. This is exactly the CR position (they could have said smth. about CO as well) and they did it the right way. The fact that your jaw moved forward after that does not mean anything! Just that your fronts are not in place-- too far out. I'd really hold on to these guys for now!
Don't worry about your jaw being not let forward enough, just tell them if you will have it this way. From their competence as it looks to me they will adjust it easily: it's just a matter of giving your jaw a proper incline on the inside of the fronts to have enough freedom to move!

You are doing the right thing for now: pull the jaw away from the fronts so that the ear pain stops. The fact that when you swallow and bite it feels differently only confirms that your bite is off which we all know anyway. Forget about the prostho and others who did NOT succeed, there are way too many incompetent dentists, let them say what they want about the jaw and bites. As TL says, they often give you a blank look thinking "what is she talking about?" -- it's just their level.

These new guys really seem to know what they are doing! I am wishing it to work for you!!

TL, [I feel my face and head bones shift and then get a bit nauseous - do either of you get this in the morning? ] Yes, I do feel this way at times. I feel that this is when my head "slips off its socket". Do you feel that the back of the neck tightened right away too? And the lower back contracted and became "shorter"? This is when nauseousness, mind fuzziness and other stuff come in for me. The reason it happens easily in the morning is b/c we are not enough alert yet to control the muscles and then the teeth, bad or no bite lead.

When you say: [I can't get one side down without the other side feeling like it can't come down - and then I move my jaw and tongue differently and I can get the other side to come down but the other side pops up.] what teeth are you biting on at this point? In fact, what are you biting on when you eat (soft food or anything)? Do you place your front partials when you eat? Or never at all? I wish I could see your models.
When you say the side pops up do you mean the muscles pull the lower jaw up (and sideways)? You don't have popping and clicking of the jaw, right?

I was telling dentists about the skating on ice feeling but so far always got that blank look. Now I know that it happens when the contacting part is too rounded, like a ball in a bowl, instead of being like a wedge (of an ice-scraper).

I'm so off today , will just start the few things I need to do. Being an early bird (until the tmj started) I feel like the day is almost over by now!

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