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TMJ Tinnitus?
Mar 27, 2009
Hey guys,

Just popped over to ask a quick question and wondering if I can maybe get some advice.

I've had tinnitus in both ears for around 4 years or so. Originally after I noticed the ringing, I presumed it was due to over exposure to loud music (as I was attending music college). At the time I had no idea that problems with your Jaw and wisdom teeth could cause tinnitus.

The begginging of this year marked an all time low for me. When I first noticed the ringing, I completely shut myself off from loud music to give me ears a rest. My tinnitus has gradually got worse over the years even though I've not been around loud music at all!

Which led me to have a quick snoop on the internet to have a look for possible reasons why it is getting worse.

I found an article about TMJ, and noticed that a lot of the symptoms people experience apply to me.

My jaw clicks and pops when I open and close it.
My ears feel full, and I have noticed some hearing loss (possible due to the tinnitus)
My wisdom teeth both impacted (I think) as I can feel them underneath the gum but they have not come through yet (been there for nearly 4 years)
My tinnitus increases in volume and changes pitch when I clench my jaw, push my jaw forward, and tense my neck.
My hearing loss and tinnitus is always worse in the morning.
Been getting a lot of head aches (always though this was due to using my computer)
My teeth are very sensitive to hot and cold.
I sometimes experience a numb feeling in my cheeks
Permanent brain fog for the last four years (since the tinnitus started)
I've had once incident of a fluttering noise in my left ear

I suspect I clench my jaw when I'm asleep, I remember trying to physically stop myself occasionally if i started clenching before I feel asleep. Although I haven't had this for some time now. I definately have bite marks on the inside of both sides of my mouth.

Does anybody else have the same symptoms?
Any body have any advice? What should I do to get this confirmed with a medical person? I've been to the ENT specialist numerous times and have been told to live with it as they can't see anything wrong.

Looking forward to peoples replies.


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