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When you say they are going to put a build up on your retainer do you mean they are going to add something to it to open your bite or increase your vertical dimension?

It sounds like a disc slipped or is displaced. Has he taken a tomogram to see how the discs are and where they are positioned? Did you have to open very wide for the braces to be removed? Were you having any pain or discomfort or notice any changes other than teeth moving during your ortho treatment - no popping or clicking or headaches, ear pain?

If the splint and/or adding to your retainer do not help you may want to go to a tmj or neuromuscular dentist for a consult - my concern is that not all orthodontists are fully trained in oral orthopedics - they seem more concerned about aesthetics and how the teeth look - than the underlying jaw bone structure and muscles. It could be once they open your bite up by building up the retainer - if a disc is displaced - it may recapture - and that will be the end of it.

I doubt he doesn't know what the problem is - as he knew enough to add bulk to the retainer - it could be he is unsure as how to proceed though -considering you have just completed treatment and his treatment should have included monitoring the bite and tmjs and discs - or it could be he doesn't want to let on that he knows what may have happened as to not alarm you right now.

In the meantime try not to do any heavy chewing for a while and opt for a softer diet - you may also want to try some warm compresses to your jaw and temple area and watch how you sleep at night - try to sleep with only one pillow or none if possible or use a cervical pillow - but don't sleep propped up as this may strain the jaw further and add to the pain.

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