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[QUOTE=trychocolate;4052821]Yes, jmitchell, was a rear-ender but have had neck problems all my life with it turning chronic a year after the accident. Have had a few MRI's with postings on the 'spinal cord' board because of numerous symptoms resulting from osteo, DDD, congenital stenosis, and so forth. Do have some bulging disc problems in cervical and lumbar. The jaw really manifested itself as well, so the combination is something I'm trying to understand. Like why jaw movements can be felt all the way into neck and shoulder, but it's all probably because of too much affecting the nerves in that whole area and weakening the whole set-up. There have been posts by some very nerve-educated people on that board, so I have appreciated that information. Am getting some cranial sacral work done in jaw area as well, so will see if that can re-align things and bring relief of some kind.

Did you have a severe whiplash inury? I had sharp pain through my neck/skull at the time of the accident and only neck pain afterwards, but nothing severe. I had to curtail certain activeties but I was just told 'tissue damage.' Good one. Xrays just showed arthritis. So it must have triggered underlying conditions that just 'took off' a year later, until now, going on 7 years now. Sounds like someone really messed up with your orthodontics, which would be terrible as it is invasive to begin with and patients deserve more than that after what they go through sometimes.

Thank you for posting,
HI--Yes, I did have a pretty severe whiplash injury, which I'm sure made the tmj much worse, but at the time, the ER docs didn't give me an MRI to check my jaw out, I honestly don't think they even take that into consideration. They just did a general neck x-ray and sent me on my way with pain meds and muscle relaxers. Little did I know, 15 yrs. later I would end up in the shape I'm in. Wow, if we could only turn back the clock, I would have never gotten braces in highschool to begin with, I didn't even have a bad smile at all, just a few slightly crooked teeth on the side. Now I have a horrendous health problem that I'm trying to overcome. An orthodontist in Ca. that I spoke to a while back said that we wouldn't have enough body bags in the world for people that have had bad ortho. work done. That's really scary when you think about it. Also, I can't tell you how many people I've come across who had both discs displaced by some yahoo that did their wisdom teeth extraction. Anyways, I'll stop my rambling. Looking forward to another late night of trying to sleep comfortably....:dizzy:

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