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[QUOTE=AndreaL;4053243]Hi Brian,

Firstly to answer your question "How long does TMJ last?" the best answer I can give is, you're guess is as good as mine! Sorry that's not probably what you want to hear, but I'm afraid that's the way it is with TMJD. I'm not medically qualified so please don't take what I say as gospel! but from what I've read, TMJD can be degenarative so the sooner you know for sure that's what your condition is then the better in trying to prevent it from getting any worse.

Secondly regarding your symptoms that you describe, your ear ringing could be tinnitus, I have this from time to time and it also causes me to feel dizzy, it doesn't do much good for our balance either!. I'm not sure about the feeling of being in a daze during the day though, I do understand that feeling however but I have always blamed my under active thyroid on it, but I suppose it wouldn't help to not rule out it being possibly caused by my TMJD.

Probably a silly question but have you seen a TMJD specialist dentist?[/QUOTE]

2 years ago my dentist said I had enamel worn off my right molars and he sighted TMJD as a possible cause, this was well before any of the other symptoms started. Are you telling me TMJD may never get better? I'm sure I brought this on myself by chewing my finger nails with the right side of my jaw for my entire life. It would make sense at least.

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