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[QUOTE=brian4hb;4060571]Thank you so much for all the replies! I am starting to feel better. I have a lot of stress with work right now and my wife and I are trying to sell our home, go figure! I have changed my attitude to (it is what it is) to relive stress. My wife caught me grinding my teeth this past weekend and I went to CVS and bought the mouth guard you see on TV, believe it or not it really seems to be helping thus far. I think I may have a mild case of TMJ and the stress made it much worse. I'm in the Triad NC Region outside Greensboro BTW. Thanks again everyone![/QUOTE]

I tried writing you a very informative response, but alas, you do not accept private messages, so, ARG.

There's a doctor in your area that uses muscle relaxers and treats other things too, I didn't get a good feeling about him. There is one I did but I couldn't send you the info. Either way just type in where you live and "TMJ Specialist" and you should find something. You can try other phrases. That or you can call dentists and ask if they know of someone the internet does not.

I don't know how far the drive is but the guy I see in Atlanta you only really need to see every few weeks. Your problem sounds about 1/3 of mine and you may just get a night appliance. Either way, if you don't mind a drive every few weeks, its totally worth it.

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