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Dear Readers...
I posted on this board a few years ago confused and having no idea what was wrong with me. I had seen countless doctors and knew it was TMJ related but had no way to prove it. I lived in a small town with hack doctors who thought I was seeking medication. After spending a small fortune I figured it was my ear and planned on moving to Oregon to get a less expensive myringotomy. After the ENT there told me there was nothing wrong with me even though I was screaming in pain and severely dizzy, I wanted to die to end it.

It began in May 2006 which was 1 month after a bunch of dental treatment, one of which being a root canal. The root canal itself was not 'successful' per se as I experienced chronic pain that night and then started having vestibular disturbances.

I was finally able to get a doctor to Rx me valium because I ended up being assaulted a year later. The valium helped the pain enough to where I could work but I still got no answers.

Earlier this year, after living in pain for 3 years, my husband couldn't stand to see me in pain any longer and sent me to a TMJ doctor in Chicago. It was then that everything was confirmed. I had several charley horses in my head. It was then I learned TMJ is a tooth gearing problem. When your teeth do not fit together correctly muscles will compensate giving you all kinds of other issues. Mine affected the inner ear.

My jaw was out of alignment by 5mm. While I could not afford to stay in Chicago and continue treatment I moved to Atlanta and I am seeing specialists here and getting the help I need. My teeth are out of alignment from the dental work I received and we are slowly working on putting my jaw back in place. I am on valium still, pain meds, and anti-depressants because before my diagnosis I thought I was dying.

So many doctors are out there that don't want to help you and I don't understand why. I suffered for years and tried ending my life and no one would step up to help me because no one wanted to admit they didn't know what was wrong. Now that I am in good hands I am getting relief and being taken seriously.

It was the pterygoid medialus and tensor veli palatini that were in spasm giving me 24/7 head pain as well as various neck and shoulder muscles. I was grinding my teeth at night as well.

I wanted to share this because TMJ IS TREATABLE. It may flare back up but you can see what is wrong and what can be done to treat it. It's a silent disease creeping up without warning and no one understands it yet. Most of the people who treat TMJ are using methods that are 40 years old and unaffective. If you have life debilitating TMJ seek a specialist; not a dentist or orthodontist.

I really hope I can be of assistance to other people as I was in a spot where I had no answers and no one to turn to. I got called a drug addict, lazy, and that there was nothing wrong with me. I'm glad I was finally able to prove them wrong and get the help I needed.


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