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i can relate to you because my pain started after dental work however mine was a root canal. your bite is somehow knocked out of place and your muscles are freaking out basically. this happened to me 3 years ago and took 2 years to finally understand my condition. i got to the point of suicide because no one understood and nothing could fix the pain.

i think if you are able to move around you can find a specialist who is right for you. i went both to chicago and atlanta to solve this problem and i am finally seeing results in atlanta.

when you speak with a specialist you need to ask them
-how long they have been in practise
-how they diagnose the problem
-what are their methods of prognosis
-do they work with the muscle itself and if so what muscle?
-what is their goal?
-can they pinpoint exactly what is causing your TMJ with their testing/diagnostic process. I had several dentists/orthodontists say I just grind my teeth when that was about 15% of the problem.

You need immediate pain management. See a GP or go to the ER and tell them a plan of action that shows you are seeking relief and resolution and not just medication. They are addictive but right now the pros and cons of the situations are leaning towards taking the medication so you can think straight enough to get through the doctor stuff.

You do need testing done by a TMJ specialist. Tomographic x-rays. Panoramic x-rays. The works. They need to see where the teeth fit, the condyle moves, and the noises your jaw makes. In the meantime, you do need immediate pain relief. I am in treatment but I still have pain management therapy.

Hope that helps

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