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[QUOTE=Realize;4086007]i certainly have a smaller than normal jaw. I also have been diagnosed with ADD, which i have at some point read can be "caused" by lack of blood flow or oxygen to a part of the brain, specifically the frontal lobe.

I post on here knowing not whether I suffer from the symptoms that this board is about but I certainly believe I may.

I certainly grind my teeth at night and just like the last post about ringing in the ears n tinnutis, I've been questioning that myself as sometimes I have a certain muffle going on inside my ear or ears. It's as if a times when people talk... specifically in a social conversation, that i notice it happens... it happens and the muffling is almost the same as the sound as a muffle that happens when a yawn happens ( unless thats just me ) but I have received verification from someone who is supposedly without the ringing or muffles that yawning produces a muffle similar to putting ones ear up to a sea shell...
Is that true for you as well?
I know its off topic, but I'm only asking because i like further verification.[/QUOTE]

HI again--my ear problems are primarily a crackling sound I get when I yawn. Also, due to my mandible being in the wrong position for so long I developed swallowing problems as well. Like a feeling that a pea is stuck in my throat, or having to chew my food a lot so it will go down easily. (swallowing hard)
Anyways, if you can get to a good tmjd specialist, they can do an x-ray of your airway and examine your jaw structure to see if you need to have your lower jaw repositioned with a splint and have tmjd treatment started for your condition. At the very least, even if you don't want to enter into treatment right now, you will know if your airway is being compromised and if you also have an underdevelped lower jaw. Look on the great tmj doctors thread at the top of this page and see if any are near where you live. You can post where you live if you want, and someone might give you a good referral.
Take care---J.

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