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[QUOTE=ihatethisshit;4097142]Guys I got a question.
I've been using the NTI for four months now. I had a ton of relief
from the muscle spasms, and as expected developed an open bite.
Oddly, my teeth still fit together if you take molds of them.
Doc said he could fix my bite by pulling wisdom teeth and shaving/intruding second molars. Shown it to me on models and it works. Says my jaws are in their proper position. Whether that works or not isn't why I'm here.

I'm here cause I'm now freaked out by hearing the NTI's infamous open bite is not caused by condyles seating properly regardless of occulsion, or teeth supererupting, but by the CONDYLE ERODING/REABSORBING.

So...anyone here who has used the NTI, I just wanna know if your condyles made it ok. Do you have molds of your teeth showing they still fit? If you had a pre and post MRI of the sorts, that showed the NTI eroded or did not erode your condyles, something like that. I've got another MRI scheduled. I had one before the NTI and all it showed was mild degeneration. Dentist said it could be degenerative progressing, but since it got worse with the NTI, I'm not sure. But at the end of the day, the spasms got 80% better, so again I'm not sure. I don't care about erupting teeth or a repositioned jaw, because those can be treated to a degree.
Wrecked condyles, not so much.

I'm curious what people say, because they wouldn't have a device on the market that jacks your condyles.....would they?
I know nothing good comes from panicing, but please let me know.[/QUOTE]

Hi--sorry to hear your frustration. I have a question for you. Where did you hear that the NTI causes condyle degeneration? THat's a new one for me. In your case, and you will probably disagree w-me, but I would be more worried about someone taking your wisdom teeth out, and shaving down teeth before you really get a good picture of where your lower mandible's position should be. THat is always the last resort and the end usually of treatment. Have you been in splint therapy? Do you wear one during the day? Literally in the past week I've talked to 5 people (some from other boards) that have develped severe tmd from wisdom teeth removal, and I would definitely get another consult from a tmj specialist. It won't hurt to get a second opinion on something that is going to permanently change your bite. As far as the NTI is concerned, in my opinion it should be banned from the dental field. People will probably disagree, but I've come across so many people that have had permanent damage in their joints from it, open bites that are so severe you need surgery to correct, and symptoms getting much worse after the use of it. It should come w-a disclaimer, if it already does not. If dentists want to give an upper splint that only makes contact in the front, they could have made people an upper that fully encloses ALL upper teeth w-it, this makes more sense to me. SOOOO, I will get off my soapbox about the NTI. Sorry to sound like a pessimist, but I'm done with the dental community and their lack of knowledge in knowing how to treat tmd, and not informing people on the risks of certain splints, orthodics, etc. So frustrating. :eek:
I've used the NTI before by a dentist that was clueless in knowing how to treat my case, and it caused more damage for me, more muscular spasms, and I wasn't about to wait and see if my teeth would errupt, so I stopped using it. ----J. :jester:

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