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Antidepressants are not FDA approved to treat TMJ . There is no proof they help TMJ especially long term but there is proof that they cause TMJ and other forms of dystonia and tardive dyskinesia. Long term antidepressant use will eventually cause your muscles to become permanantly contracted, causing pain and damaging joints . The ironic thing about antidepressants is that they will suppress the symptoms of conditions temporarily while making the underlying condition worse. For example , there is no dispute that they cause dystonia and tardive dyskinesia but upping the dose can temporarily suppress these conditions . TMJ is basically a form of dystonia.I have read several books on antidepressants by Dr Robert Whitaker , Dr Peter Breggin MD Joseph Glenmullen MD and others and I am convinced that they don't work on depression except temporarily as a placebo or temporary adrenal stimulator.
The muscle contraction caused by antidepressants will cause osteoarthritic changes in your jaw.

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