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[QUOTE=mommyx4;4112358]I have just started having the numbness or feeling like i just had a shot of novacaine on my left side and when i was about 14 i was diagnosed with TMj, i was just at the doctor, and it goes to my nose, my chin, and in to my cheek on the left side i also have anxiety and panic disorder, the doc says it is from TMJ and that i should take an anti inflammatory (like motrin) to see if that helps it also makes my left ear feel like weird, or like i am getting an ear infection. it is really bothersome and scares me but doc says it is due to my TMJ and I have just irritated it and that is why it feels like that, i also have pain in my neck and the top of my head, had every test done that is possible and they say there is nothing wrong so I feel your pain thx[/QUOTE]

When you say you have pain on the top of your you mean literally on the very top of your scalp? My left jaw is my problem area and sometimes I have throbbing pain on the top left side of my scalp at the same time my jaw is hurting..but oddly enough...there is no pain in between. (?)

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