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[QUOTE=not4sakn;4138564]What do you think of the upper appliance my doctor made me? Before wearing it id get face tingling intermittently but ive had it almost daily since wearing it now which has only been about a week.[/QUOTE]

Hi not4sakn---Well, this is just my opinion, based on my own experience, recent and in the past, and talking to many people who have had tmjd for yrs., treatment that's worked, not worked, and also talking to many dentists and studying different mindsets on therapy, upper appliances in treating tmjd just don't work. They may give relief from damaging teeth from bruxing, but that's about it. When an upper appliance is used, it doesn't "hold" the lower jaw in any particular place, and lets the mandible slide all over, especially when sleeping. Also, if your upper appliance does not have all teeth incased into it, the teeth that are not covered will errupt downward, causing a permanent change in your bite. If dentists tell you this cannot happen, run, don't walk out of their offices. In my opinion, the guys that know how to treat tmd the best are dentists that belong to the ICCMO, and are Functional Jaw Orthodontists. Also, they have to practice Neuromuscular dentistry, and have a great knowledge in how to use Functional Jaw Appliances.
Lower orthodics for treating tmd should have full contact with all teeth, should "hold" the jaw in place with the indexing, (bumpiness), and should have enough vertical dimension so it will give the tongue enough room to function properly when eating, chewing, etc. Bottom line with these though, if you don't see an improvement in swallowing, muscle tension, pain, headaches within 4wks, it simply is not done correctly. It may be due to not enough vertical, the position wasn't done right, or its' not bumpy enough. (or all three :dizzy:) . That's my opinion. :cool:

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