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Im not sure if I was supposed to make a new thread for this or if there is one here already but here's how mine began:

I was recently diagnosed with TMJ 4 or 5 weeks ago my dentist suggested that mine may have been brought on by stress and night clenching with my teeth...I think she could be right about the stress contributing to my TMJ symptoms I was working a really stressful job that I just recently quit in January because of the pressure and stress that came with working with the people....I've never ground my teeth before nor have I had any accidents to my jaw that could have contributed to my symptoms...I had my wisdom teeth at the bottom removed in January of 08 and I had the top ones removed in October 09 well the wisdom tooth that was removed on the left hand side was giving me headaches(the same headaches I feel periodically now) so I got them removed...the top wisdom tooth on the left hand side was the hardest for him to pull out he said because it was a big tooth he had a little trouble..well after those got pulled about a week later into the healing I felt a piece of either it was tooth or bone I'm not sure I called up the oral surgeon and asked him about it and he said sometimes a piece of a bone could come down after a tooth extraction and that it would eventually heal back into the jaw bone I didn't worry much about it and just ignored it and it did in fact go away but I still have some tenderness to that side of the gum where it was removed well I just recently went back to have it looked at and x rayed and there was nothing there...I don't know how long I've been clenching my teeth in my sleep at night but the beginning of March is when I started getting the symptoms

Symptoms the beginning of march
- I had pressure on the left hand side same area where the troubles tooth was pulled.
-a little ear ring here and ther

2nd week

same symptoms didn't change much but I could tell that I was clenching my teeth now since my teeth starting becoming numb.

3rd week
-I went to another dentist to get her opinion she opened my mouth wide and the next morning is when I started hearing the popping( I think she might have outstretched my jaw or something) it doesn't click all the time just periodically like you know how it feels to crack a knuckle that how mine is( the popping isn't loud at all just annoying also I can't open my mouth to wide anymore)

-this third week my symptoms changed drastically I went from a little ear ringing to

-left side sharp temporal pains
-teeth numbness
-my ears clogged
-dizzy and lightheaded
-ringing in the ear
-I started getting tingling and numb on the left hand side arm and leg
-I have a lymph node(knot) under my chin that moves around and small ones in my neck I took antibiotics for it but it didnt go away so my doctor things it could be cause from the teeth clenching at night...what do you guys think?

now I'm in my 4th week and the symptoms aren't as bad as they were 2 or 3 weeks ago my mother thinks its a sign that I could be getting better since the symptoms aren't as severe however now it's making me paranoid and I'm scared to leave out of my house unless I have an appointment, I find it strange how my life has changed in little of a month..I don't know how sever my symptoms are compared to others all that I know is that I'm scared I feel lonely and I fear of it getting worse somehow like arthritis or something that could cause severe damage i don't feel like a normal person anymore I mean I can eat a little more now compared to weeks ago but I'd do anything to go back in October and be me again...

Sorry if this was so long but anyone who lives in or near DC area do you have any suggestions to a good specialist or dentist I can see I hear the best option is to visit a neuromuscular dentist I have an appointment this wednesday to see her so I'll see how it goes and how severe my case is...I just take it one day at a time in hopes that I will be one of the lucky people and get better as times goes on with the help of a good specialist...I know I don't have it as bad as other at the moment but I just want my life back

any feeback and advice is great

Thank You so much...


Edit: BTW I just had a CT scan and everything came back normal as I thought it would...I'm scheduled for MRI around the 15th of this month I've got a feeling they wont find anything as well...but my doctor thought it be good to rule out possible MS since she said the unilateral numbness is an MS symptom as well but she doubts thats what it is...

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