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What causes the thump, click and/or grind when swallowing? I know a few people have put that on their posts. Is that muscles causing that or is it vertebrae rubbing? Just didn't know if you had found that out in your expertise and research.

When you went to Dr. Insolera did he understand your symptoms as something he sees often? and is he knowledgable on the severe ends of TMJ? I am just asking because I have seen some TMJ dentists websites where all the talk about is pain and popping.

You mentioned talking was difficult at times. Was that the pain or was it laryngitis? At first I found that talking was difficult because I had to "swallow the golf ball in my throat" to finish my sentence. That golf ball feeling is pretty much gone now. When I talk it's also like I can feel the vibrations of me talking all the way down the tight muscles..hard to describe, but if you had that feeling you know what I mean.

I also had a sore swollen throat at first, but that went away as well. Now from time to time, the roof of my mouth will hurt. it's bizarre. It feels like when I swallow the muscles are hitting the roof of my mouth. I know, doesnt make sense, but again unless you experience it, you won't understand.

I did feel like I was gagging and choking quite a bit when this all started, but that has gone away for the most part. From time to time i feel like someone is pushing on my neck and I am choking, but that feeling is right at the base of that tight muscle.

Here's what I think has happened. I was in a severe accident 10 years ago and have permanent debilatating neck injuries. my head literally sits on my head crooked. Over time, the left side is the side that my head is tilted to, so the right side (the messed up side) is the one that has had to do all the work and take all the strain. I think people with TMJ that have had trauma (whiplash) probably get more of the throat and neck issues with TMJ since their neck muscles are already strained and damaged, making them more susceptible to the severe end of the spectrum.

Thanks again for your time in answering!
I'm still fairly new to the TMJ thing. Still in the diagnosis stage and moving towards treatment.

1. What was the first noticeable symptom you had that made you start looking for treatment? [COLOR="Teal"]My right ear hasn't popped and has been congested for 14 months now. I started at my PCP, went to two ENT's and two Audiologists. Aside from some hearing issues, they couldn't find anything physically wrong with my ear. I found something on the internet that lead me to ask my dentist and a TMJ referral.[/COLOR]

2. Did sitting/standing or laying down make things better, worse, the same? [COLOR="teal"]It is typically the same for me, but my ear pain can get really bad at night making it hard to sleep.[/COLOR]

3. Did you find if you "over did" it, such as not resting throughout the day, it exacerbated the symptoms? [COLOR="teal"]At times. It is usually the muscle tightness and spasms that I notice at those times.[/COLOR]

4. I work in sales and do a lot of talking. I noticed that at times the more I talk the more aggravated it becomes. Did that happen with you? [COLOR="teal"]Thankfully not yet.[/COLOR]

5. With your swallowing problems, did you have a thump or click? [COLOR="teal"]No TMJ swallowing problems, but I do have laryngoesophageal reflux that affects my throat.[/COLOR]

6. My messed up side seems to be my right side, which is where the pain is in the neck and jaw. But at times it shifts to the left side. Did this also happen? [COLOR="teal"]My right side is worse, but I do have some problems with the left sometimes. Honestly, as I've gone through the PT for this, I have come to realize that I have constant muscle pain in my jaw/ear, neck, shoulder and back that has become "normal" for me so I don't think I know what pain free is anymore. Because of this, I don't always realize when the pain is worse until it is so intense it interferes with my functioning. Not sure that makes sense, but I really notice when they work those muscles how much it actually does hurt.[/COLOR]

7. With swallowing, mine started out as "clicking" at the top of the throat, and caused it to be sore and swollen. Then it felt like it went to the "adam's apple" Now the swallowing is all over the place. Sometimes it clicks, grinds or thumps on the left, middle, right, but it is constant.. I can also feel it down the middle about 2 inches down from my collarbone in my chest at times. Sometimes the swallowing I can feel it go right down my stm muscles. Can you relate? (this swallowing thing is driving me crazy so the more specific the better to try to help me understand this) [COLOR="teal"]I don't have that kind of clicking, but when my PT works my shoulder and neck, it doesn't always "take". We finally came to realize that my first rib is out of wack. When it is adjusted it makes a major difference. The area you describe near your collarbone sounds like it is where the first rib is.[/COLOR]

8. With the swallowing problems, did you have issues if you looked one way, you couldn't swallow at all? I have that, but sometimes it just happens where I try to swallow but it feels locked up and I have to move to get it to swallow, which then of course clicks. What about if you coughed, sneezed, or cleared your throat. [COLOR="teal"]I don't have this particular problem.[/COLOR]

9. What other muscles in your body felt the effects? My right arm muscle hurts and I feel like I pulled a muscle. At times when I exhale and inhale, it's like I feel little spasms on my right side of my ribs. My right top chest muscles feel so tight and achy [COLOR="teal"]I have major problems with my right shoulder and some with my left. I also have cervicalgia and myofacial pain. They affect my neck, upper back, shoulder, jaw and ear areas. I also have had some hip problems for about 7 months. Turns out that my hips are misaligned and that can affect the jaw as well.[/COLOR]

10. My nose and ears sometimes pop or feel stuffy and at times ache/feel pressure. Did you ever get this? I have allergies/sinus problems and attribute the stuffy nose to that. [COLOR="teal"]As I said above, my right ear hasn't popped since March of last year. I sometimes get really really bad ear pain that feels like a bad ear infection. It is the muscles around my jaw/ear that are spasming badly. I really hate when that happens. I end up on muscle relaxers or anti-depressents occasionally to help with that when it becomes too unbearable.[/COLOR]

11. Until you found treatment did you have any methods that got you temporary relief? ( I know you mentioned the drink here and there..LOL) [COLOR="teal"]PT helped because they did trigger point releases. I try to do them on myself to help some. I can provide more information on that if you like. I also get some relief with heat. [/COLOR]

12. Did you find yourself rubbing or holding your neck/throat to get some relief? I find at times holding or massaging the area makes it so it doesn't thump at least once. [COLOR="teal"]All the time. Massaging and trigger point pressure help some for my masseter and pterygoid areas. My muscles are so tight and knotted in the neck, shoulder and back that even after a long massage I don't see much difference. (Wish I had $ to get massages a couple times a week for a while.)[/COLOR]

13. Did your jaw hurt at all, just click, both? Mine hurts at times, but feels more fatigued, but clicks constantly, when I yawn, talk at times, chew. Mine has now started clicking twice...once when I open, once when I close. It also is grinding it seems [COLOR="teal"]Actually, my jaw doesn't hurt a lot. The muscles around it do hurt though. I pop/click when I open wider.[/COLOR]

14. Someone on here mentioned esophagus spasms from the jaw not being aligned. What happens with the spasms and what do you feel? [COLOR="teal"]Can't help you there.[/COLOR]

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