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Hi Laura, Jill and all,
I just visited my tmj guy yesterday and he did some more jaw mobilization on me to try and keep my jaw open he says- I asked him if he was sure that this is good for the jaw and he said it's what you need to do to keep it open- he used ultrasound and some spray stuff that is supposed to keep the muscles relaxed and from guarding. My opening is still quite small and he's got me in a small thin plastic splint new yesterday for the top- that I found slipped and slid all night and a bottom splint that is acrylic and I wear all day. I feel like one side rests on my tooth and I'm not sure if it really allows my jaw to rest or whatever it is supposed to do- but wearing them both at night causes my mouth to be open and my lips and throat are so dry now- I wonder if this is right? Everyone says I need to stick with it for a while and trust that it will work- he says that I won't really feel good til Aug or Sept. Do these things seem in line with splint therapy you have tried? Also, he is encouraging me to try chewing softer foods- does that seem ok? Could it hurt me if my jaw isn't ready for that or do I just stop it if it doesn't feel good? Thoughts???? Much appreciated.
can these things make it worse? I am also doing tongue depressor therapy with trying to keep the jaw opening. I am supposed to call the therabite place today to check into that.
What confuses me is that people say to rest the jaw- but doesn't the therabite work the jaw? Do you think that could bring me improvement?
Also- I am supposed to ease my way back into talking- which is what I do for a living- and I just don't know what to believe. I just want my jaw to get back to working and not cause things to be worse or take longer due to more mistakes on my part. Do I stick with this for awhile then if I don't see improvement try the nueromuscular route?
Will it be too late by then? My funds are definitely limited and I am unable to perform my job right now AND I nee to get better in a few months, or at least show progress so I will be ready to go for my job by then.
Thanks for your reply and support.
I am checking your blog also.

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