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Hello I am new to the forums and need some help.

My TMJ problems started at a dental visit back in January. My dentist asked me to turn my head to the right and open wide. As I did this there was a crunch in the left side of my jaw. This didn't hurt at the time although the dentist did look a little shocked by the noise. I was extremely anxious during the visit my dentist had just informed me that I would need to have my three remaining wisdom teeth removed at the hospital.

When I got home after the visit I felt a burning sensation along my gum at the top left side. This burning, prickly feeling went on for two weeks before I went back to the dentist to find out what was going on. She said it could only be a fungal infection and then prescribed medication for an ulcer, which I certainly didn't have. I also didn't have any symptoms of a fungal infection either, no white spots etc. I used the ulcer medication for a couple of days and then made an appointment with my doctor. After examination he couldn't find anything wrong with my mouth but he pressed on a spot just in front of my ear and asked me to open my mouth and the pain was so intense I nearly went through the roof. He then told me I had a TMJ problem and that the crunch in the dentist was more than likely my jaw dislocating and pinching the nerves and damaging ligaments etc. I was told to rest the jaw, apply heat and take anti inflammatory pain killers.

Six weeks later I was still in pain with constant burning along my left upper gum and a tenderness around my jaw joint. My hospital appointment came through for the wisdom tooth removal, which my doctor said to go along to but probably not have the teeth removed but to discuss my TMJ problem and maybe get a mouth guard. The oral surgeon at the hospital agreed that there was no need to take out my teeth, as the are fully erupted and causing no problems. After being prodded about for nearly two hours and looking at x-rays etc he said I had something called atypical facial pain and sent me away with exercises for TMJ. He also said to apply heat to the joint twice a day, eat soft foods, avoid yawning etc. He made me an appointment for two months after this visit and if things haven't improved then he would fit me with a splint and prescribe antidepressants for the pain.

What I am confused with now after trying to research my problem is, is the atypical facial pain caused by the TMJ disorder? I have only come across a couple of people who have burning gums along with TMJ. Is there anything else I can do to help relieve this burning pain? I am an anxious person and I really don't want to have to go back on antidepressants with all their side effects. Also will the facial pain go eventually or is this something I have for life. I also have soreness in my tongue and my front teeth tingle when its really bad, but this I can relieve when I concentrate on relaxing my face muscles. I am also pretty much pain free when I am eating or cleaning and flossing my teeth, I am not sure if this is because of the jaw position or the massage on the gums.

I thank you in advance for any help or advice you can offer.

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