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TMJ Disorder -TemporoMandibular Joint Message Board

TMJ Disorder -TemporoMandibular Joint Board Index goodness, you are so young, and to be on meds like that. I had temporal tendonitis last fall when I entered treatment with my tmj specialist. It has gone away with the use of my new orthodic for tmjd. Please get a second opinion from someone that does tmj treatment all the time in their practice, and who does neuromuscular dentistry, and Functional Jaw Ortho. The treatment that they do really can be life changing. The orthodics are different from "splints", in that they are not flat plane or upper splints, they are lower, indexed hard acrylic appliances that reposition the jaw to a more down and forward position, thus eliminating muscular spasm, joint pain, nerve pain, dizziness, etc. (in most cases, there is great improvement, depending on the severity of your case obviously)....take care, and good luck with everything..J. :)

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