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[QUOTE=MountainReader;4278835]I've had facial numbness for just over a month now. I have TMJ, but not the jaw locking. I started treatment with a mandibular repositioner about 3 weeks ago. The numbness actually started a couple weeks before I got my splint though.

I've been to see my TMJ dentist and my PCP twice about this. My numbness started in my nose and spread down to the top of my lip, my upper chin and this last week across my cheeks and to my entire ears. My numbness is bi-lateral though. My doc isn't sure what is going on. He did some bloodwork this week and found my white count was way up so he gave me some antibiotics in case it is a sinus infection. Wierd presentation of it if it is.

If my numbness was one-sided, he said he would suspect it was more due to the trigeminal nerve. It is a nerve that is bundled out from just above your tmj area. It branches out to your forehead, eye area, cheeks, part of the nose, etc... The TMJ definitely can affect this nerve. My TMJ doc recommended I massage my face and continue to see my physical therapist who does trigger point releases for me as well as working toget my body back in alignment.

It has freaked me out though. I'm 5 weeks into the numbness with no definitive answer. I'll go back to my doc in a few weeks if it continues and my current course of treatments don't help. I think next step per my ENT is an MRI. I'd rather not face that expense if I can help it.

If your numbness is only one-sided, you should read up on the trigeminal nerve. It might be helpful. Are you seeing a TMJ specialist? If not, if might be worth seeking out one who has experience in neuromuscular dentistry or orofacial pain.

Hopefully we can both find answers. Honestly, I've been scaring myself with this due to the stuff I've found on the internet about other potential causes. I really think it has to be tied to the TMJ though so I'm hopeful that I'll find my answer there.[/QUOTE]

Thank you for replying. You know when a Doctor asks about numbness ( like with symptoms from herniated discs and such) I always grouped the tingling in with that...but this is numbness like a novacaine shot, so NOW I KNOW what numbness is, is yours numb like that and STAYS that way, mine does and has since what almost 2 weeks now...good gosh you have had yours for 5 weeks! My fear is that the numbness will be permanent and that just scares me to no end because I can't imagine going the rest of my life numb like this....its not so bad if I don't touch the areas, but I have to touch them when I wash my face and hair ( it extends behind my right ear, not the top of ear but in front just where the ear hole is and then back into head behind ear ) hope you see the picture. As well when I apply makeup and have and always will, its horrible feeling your face dead like this, yet everything moves and works right, like my eyes ( except that I do have nystagmus from dizzy balance and an abnormal vestibular test ) but had a brain MRI recent and it was normal , so that was comforting at least. Anyway , there have been times that my tongue started to feel funky but on the left side and even tingling going to left side of nose, yet keep in mind on the right where all the numbness is it does not extend to my nose , but as said on the left side of nose cheek bones feel a tingling there at times, but not dead numb like the right side....I am seeing oral surgeon , waiting on upper and lower splints, he said the buccal and trigeminal nerve as well ,but was surprised that it did not come and go and that it was constant, what make me scared this will be forever is that it has not let up at all and because the numbness did not start till a couple weeks ago and I have been closed lock ( 7mm) since the locking, so WHY is the numbness just starting, its as if the nerve took this long to be damaged and nerves while they do repair , they won't if they are impinged on for so long....I also have weird sinus stuff since all this, first blocked up which i never am and then crazy burning hurting throat, so DRY hardly can swallow, now it has changed to severe itching in throat and ears like the eustacian tube link between throat and ears needs roter to get to the itch and now sneezing! NEVER do I do this...i think all my sinus nerves and facial nerves are becoming effected.

I hope you too find answers, I sympathize with you being there myself and apperciate you telling me about your numbness, and if you wouldn't mind expounding on it, yes I am driving myself crazy over this, well actually , who wouldn't its a nightmare!

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