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[QUOTE=Jill 227;4335493]Hi -or you need to move your head forward to gulp the food down slightly. Usually, it's a sign that the jaw is set too far back---and with the help of the proper can be repositioned to a better place for proper function.[/QUOTE]

Can you explain what you mean by this? I'm very fascinated by this because I think it's my issue as well.

I have muscular TMJ.

I have tongue issues with it being tired and my tongue literally tilting to one side at rest, I feel like my lips are not sitting comfortably, almost in a weird lip posture, I eat food and feel like it wants to fly out of my mouth if I don't squeeze my lips together. It's the strangest feeling. I get scared it's not muscle imbalance but muscle weakness. Does the lip and feeling like your mouth is sort of all over the place while chewing, does that correlate to what you're talking about?

I had some speech slurring about two years ago and why your explanation caught my eye is because I would instinctively move my head/jaw forward and my speech would sound perfect! I never knew why, only that it helped!

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